At Manashostings we are known for providing world class webhosting services at reasonable rates. Our dedication, hard work, ability to deliver what has been promised, along with a total customer oriented approach has helped us to build an extensive list of clients all throughout India, as well as other parts of the world.

We choose a company for various reasons. In most of the cases we choose company with 5 to 10 good points, but at Manashosting we have a long list of the best points than what any other hosting company can provide.

Factors that makes us stand apart from the rest of the hosting companies around the world, now after reading the complete achievements of Manashosting we are sure that it’s hard for any individual why not to choose us. Below are the few points that we would like to showcase.

Awards: Manashosting has been awarded as world’s best for various segments of its services. The awards include; No 1 for Windows hosting, No 1 for Technical support, No 1 for Ethics followed in the business, No 1 for its server uptime and just not that Manashosting has been awarded with 12 International awards for its key role and actively participating in the development of hosting market. Manashosting has also bagged Asia’s top 3 award for reseller plan. This award is given for the contribution towards reseller plan Multiplatform reseller package.

PEM control panel: Manashosting is the first Indian hosting company to use the latest control panel designed by Plesk parallels called PEM. After 5 years of research and development Plesk launched this latest control panel. Currently there are only few hosting companies who use PEM control panel.

Toll Free number: This facility is provided for our customers to reach out free of cost.