What is Multiplatform reseller, how am I benefitted if I opt for this package?

As you are looking for our reseller package we would like to suggest you with multiplatform reseller package, in this package we have all the 3 platforms like windows, Linux and java. You need not have to go for Windows, Linux and Java. Any of your customers would have any of these platform requirements; according to the same you can offer the package. Your investment on this package will be just Rs.10000 and in turn you get huge returns on the same.

Reseller package, when it comes to reseller package Manashosting was the first company which came with multiplatform reseller package. If you have your customer in windows, Linux or Java our multiplatform reseller package supports any kind of customers and you can provide your online presence to your customer.

For example: you can customer of 100 MB and you can charge around Rs1000. With 10 customers you are getting your investment returns and rest of you earning is your profit. Here again if you have your own server you are the owner and need to hire technical person for managing and cost may go to some lakhs and you do not know the returns and also profit margin. For profitable business even you should have experience and expertise on the same. With Manashosting reseller package you get answer to all your problems. You have dedicated technical team where you get support to yourself and further you can provide the same support too your customer .In every aspect you are the benefiter. To know more about this package click here (https://www.manashosting.com/multi_platform_pesk.html)

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