Many of the customers like to have domain and hosting with one company. What could be the reason?

Many customers in the current scenario are having their domain and hosting from one company because of various reasons. As we all know that remembering the dates of renewal and due is a major task and if we have more commitments then even reminders fail at times. In the normal sectors like insurance delay or loan delay all we have to do is pay a minimal penalty and things will fall in place, but just imagine you have forgotten your domain renewal or hosting renewal. Your site goes down due to non renewal, your customers who are trying to access your website see that your site is down, you would lose business and branding, next time those customers will never come back to your site even if you have the best design and products because your site was down due to negligence. To overcome all these drawbacks many customers today have their domain and hosting done from one company. With us you get the lowest domain prices and hosting prices.

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