My requirement is for MsSql2000/2005/2008:

As we all know that when a new version is launched in the market it takes a while for the designer and developers to get adjusted to the changes and in India 95% of the developers and designers are experts in MsSql2000 and build their databases without any problem and if any issue arises they are savvy enough to resolve it easily. MsSql2005 is hardly used by few of the designers and developers and not many have hands on experience on the latest. Since MsSql2000 is stable and most of our customers are using, it would be difficult for us to change the database and our current customers would feel happy about it. As a hosting company to install the latest version does not take more time or effort but looking at the current demand and usage we provide what the majority of customers are looking for, but if you are insisting that you want MsSql2005 you may purchase our corporate package. The cost of the package is only Rs14000 per year. Or you may purchase VPS, VDS, Dedicated server etc. and install any type or version of database that your site requires.

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