How does Live chat help me bridge the gap and lower my phone charges?

No matter from which city, state or country you are from, using the live chat option you can communicate without technical, billing and also the sales team. There are various advantages of using the live chat option. Here we would like to showcase just few of them which are most important; Manashosting was the first hosting company to introduce live chat in hosting industry. The reason why Manashosting came up with the innovative technology is just because to lower the telephone charges for our customers who were paying STD charges to reach us and to get their doubts clarified. As chat was a new concept in those days it did take a while for the customers to adopt but now all the internet users use chat and through chat we communicate with people all around the world again without any telephone charges. As technology is improving it becomes very vital for each and even one to get updated with the current technology. Here if we actually see customers use the technology to the fullest. As a customer you would come to our website from there go to our package page, after reading the package if there are any doubts you would like to chat with our online chat after the chat you straight go to placing an order by visiting our shopping cart after placing the order you do the payment and then raise a ticket to billing and after that you get your log in details. Technology has made the life so simple and easy. Most of the non technical and technical customers prefer to shop online these days, because you shop at anytime without moving away from your computer. Now these are few of the benefits of using technology to the fullest.

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