Limited package for shorter period:

Our main product was priced just at Rs555 per year. But our customers wanted more quality, more features and more quantity. After our customers voted for more quality, features and quantity we heard our customers and started to provide them with packages that are long term without compromising on quality. This is the reason why we are more concentrating on long term, quality and quantity now. As we would like to have a long term relationship with our customers we provide long term packages to our customers. And if you know Manashosting from the start have provided long term packages like 2, 3, 5 years etc. And in all these cases company had provided free to our customers where if they had face some kind of issues could get free service for the other years. And during the same time there would be various upgrades of the service which the customers get it free of cost just for being with the company for a longer term. And with long term a better relationship is built which will be very beneficial for the customers.

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