Compared to the past how Manashosting has changed in the present:

Compared to the past there are various streamline the company did to provide our customers the best right from the packages to the quality, service, etc .In all the segments Manashosting has been moving up step by step from shared hosting to resellers, VPS, VDS, Dedicated server, cloud, Mail exchange, SaaS and security package that we would be launching in the near future. At the same time there have been various innovations in the shared hosting by introducing Unlimited web space and Unlimited Bandwidth, in reseller by providing multiplatform, low cost domain registration. We have also created product adviser team, billing team, technical team, server team, CRM team etc incorporated payment gateway for the first time in Indian in hosting market. Currently the company is more focused on VPS, VDS, Dedicated Servers, cloud, mail exchange server etc. Earlier we provided maximum quantity at low price then added quality because quality is very important for our Indian customers.



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