Company history:

Now that you have chosen Manashosting for your hosting requirement and will soon become the customer of manashosting I would like to share some information about us. Do you know when the company started most of the hosting company in the world used to provide hosting service in MB with higher cost but Manashosting provided the customers in GB at a lesser cost. As the hosting packages became affordable most of the clients started to purchase package from us by which in a short span of time the company was listed in top 1000 companies in the world and by 2007 company became top 3 hosting company in India. During this time the company started to expand and had lots of branches and franchisees across all the cities in India and the neighboring countries. At this time the company started to focus on quality as hosting is the main business for Manashosting and wanted to provide our Indian customers the quality and services that is par with any international company. As the focus was more towards quality Manashosting purchased the datacenter in St. Louis USA. After the purchase of datacenter Manashosting launched various hosting packages and created various milestones in the web hosting industry which made the company stronger in technology and also helped in creating new and innovative packages. As Manashosting is a pure Indian company, Manashosting came up with various options to reduce the burden of the Indian customers. This thought of the company gave new openings in various segments to help our Indian customers which would help the customers in reducing cost, one such example was the