Server and datacenter:

There are hardly few hosting companies in India who have their own datacenter. Manashosting has its datacenter in St. Louis USA. Our datacenter is situated in a top tire facility which is linked with high speed internet providers. In our datacenter building even AT&T has their datacenter. The building has been awarded for best datacenter in the USA. And we provide our all our hosting package on Dell servers. We have a contract with Dell and each time we come across any server issues Dell provides us with onsite support 24/7. Our relationship with Dell has been close to a decade now. Talking about our security, our datacenter is a top tire datacenter with hardware and software firewalls, antivirus software, anti phishing software, anti spam software installed in the servers. The security is done in four levels first level in the network, second level security in the ISP third level in the hardware and forth level security in the servers. If an intruder has to get to the server they need to cross these four levels of security. Hence you don