What is Website?

A website, is a collection of webpages, that is, HTML/ XHTML documents accessible via HTTP on the Internet, all publicly accessible websites in existence comprise the World Wide Web. The pages of a website will be accessed from a common root URL, the homepage, and usually reside on the same physical server. The URLs of the pages organize them into a hierarchy, although the hyperlinks between them control how the reader perceives the overall structure and how the traffic flows between the different parts of the site.

Its a platform or a medium on an interface via which one can pass on information globally via wide network connection. Website types varies based on the purpose its utilized for. Corporate site, forum, blogs, social networking sites, online tools, etc are some of the types.

Its necessary to register a website to give it an unique identity followed by hosting the contents of the website on some server space. Web hosting is an integral part for deploying a website in the wide area network pool. Manashosting has utilized its innovative technologies to bring some of exclusive web hosting packages which an individual seeking for server space can benefit from.

Usually the first page to be seen when a website is called up by entering a simple Internet address (URL) on a Browser. It is the central or initial page of a website, and other webpages are generally linked (connected) to it.

HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language” which is the original computer ‘language’ used to define and describe the layout of webpages displayed on browsers. This language is no longer being developed.

HTTP (“HyperText Transfer Protocol”)- the underlying system that allows information (such as webpages) to be transferred over the Internet.

Link: Clickable word(s) or graphics on a webpage that take the viewer to another place on the same page, to another webpage, or to another whole website. Also called “hyperlink”.

The address of a site on the Internet. The first part of the address indicates what system is used, and the second part is the domain name of the site, e.g. http://www.abc.com. Also known as URI (Uniform Resource Indicator). A group of similar or associated webpages connected by links and managed by a single concern, organization, or individual. Websites can range in size from as little as one page to a vast number of pages. Also known as Site.

Starting from low price to high end packages Manashosting has brought a revolution in the web hosting market.

Unlimited web space and bandwidth packages has been a huge success in the market and its still running high. Apart from that verities of other windows end user packages and reseller plans have given a good platform for the web masters to deploy and reveal their business strategies to the market.

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Manashosting has the innovative web hosting technology to implement in the web hosting domestic market. The web hosting Panel provided by Manashosting as control panel of your domain is one among the best in the current market. It is your domain control panel, from where you manage all aspects of your domain and its contents. The domain control panel provided by web hosting company has been designed with the intention of making it easier for an individual to even act as a domain registrar possessing an authority to register a domain for self or for its clients and every now and then on the basis of requirement he can modify the web hosting account with every new update hence the domain resellers can benefit from such technology with the authority to register domain for its clients. It has become more user-friendly and more reliable.

When you access your web hosting account, everything you need is available right there in hosting panel or domain control panel itself.

The main tools available within your panels let you do the basic domain and web space administration required to keep your website in order. You can set or reset your login details, ftp details and email accounts from web hosting control panel. You can access and maintain all your databases from your web hosting control panel as well, review basic statistics of your website, check your bandwidth use, check which scripts are supported, block certain IP addresses (depends on the web hosting package terms) from accessing your website, check for and clear up viruses, make a backup of your entire site, and other general maintenance actions, or grooming, of your domain.

If your web hosting plan allows it, you can actually set up different domains within your single account and control them all through your hosting or domain control panel.

Within your web hosting panel, you will more often than not find a handy little extra applications called file manager. It is what made easier for a client to deploy website files in web space without taking the help of ftp account. Inbuilt feature of webhosting panel helps doing so, and this brilliant tool really comes as a handy element for hosting resellers who in this case every now and then need not have to memorize or search for ftp login information for different domains of its clients. It is not restricted to limited upload or download. One can deploy unlimited files in its web space using the feature however restricted to limited upload in some online software at one time due to unavailability to browse for unlimited files. Bandwidth doesn’t get much affected with such move and unlimited upload and download can easily be taken into process (incase the package has unlimited web space and bandwidth facility).

Some hosting panel has the feature of adding java applications separately to its web space package. As java is an important and widely used application most of the web hosting companies will make it sure the compatible features to enable the java application resides in the online software or control panel.

Many web hosting companies have added online shopping application in its web space packages which helps clients to add up the application to its website at ease rather swaying the process of manipulation and editing. These come free nowadays with web hosting packages. Most of the web hosting companies have included such applications for free in its web hosting package to let their client get benefited for hosting web applications.

Manashosting has started providing free search engine submission for its 2 years old clients. Based on the demand of our clients which they are looking to get for free along with their web hosting i.e. web space packages Manashosting has stated implementing this technique to help our clients to submit their website URL for free in over 8 lakh search engines.

The website hosting industry has spawned a broad range of niche markets over the years. Ranging from shared hosting to dedicated hosting, as well as all the hybrids in between, each type of website hosting presents its own set of pros and cons.

Website domains hosting content. These are the three top priorities for any website master, regardless of how experienced they are. Unfortunately, these three essentials often leave people in the dark, as there are dozens of companies offering the