What is eCommerce Hosting?

When setting up your eCommerce business, it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider. You want your online store to welcome your customers, not turn them away, so issues such as security, both for the customer and for you, and a reliable shopping cart are key factors. Other important points are dependability and excellent customer service support.

What is eCommerce Web Hosting?

With the rising growth of the Internet, businesses are learning new ways to widen their horizons into new markets, creating new opportunities and new challenges. The Internet raises a multitude of opportunities for online businesses to succeed. It is imperative that the sites are focused and functional, easy to use and deliver quality information.

The Internet is powerful and ubiquitous enough to allow the smallest of businesses to access markets and develop a presence that allows them to compete against the giants in the industry. That is why if you have a business, going online buying an e-commerce hosting plan will be a great way to get more visibility.

So exactly how does a small business compete?

Most small and mid-size online businesses are not capable of hosting their own sites in-house. The cost of running an in-house development department and data center is too expensive. That is why these small companies look to companies specializing in web hosting. There are many eCommerce hosting companies who offer their clients customized and quality services enabling even the smallest e-business to gain an online web presence quickly and inexpensively. These professional web hosting providers allow many customers to take advantage of economies of scale: operation of large data centers. Cost savings are passed along on everything from hardware, software licenses, bandwidth, backup systems, and environmental control systems. However, as an online business, you must take into all factors before deciding on who your hosting partner will be.

The kind of hosting which businesses will utilize to vend merchandise straight from their proprietary website is called E-commerce web hosting. Necessary to safeguard the identity and privacy of possible clients, e-commerce web hosts generally provide SSL certificates. Furthermore supporting numerous different kinds of shopping carts (OsCommerce Shopping Cart, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart are only a couple of examples), business web hosting is essential for companies making sales online. A great number of varying choices exist in order to take online payments. E-commerce web hosting programs generally support Google checkout and/or merchant accounts.

It is practically required that you pick out an Internet shopping supported web host service provider, in case you are contemplating vending merchandise over the Internet. Providing numerous additional features which will get you started, these three companies outlined above support web hosting for Internet based businesses.

Advantages of e-Commerce Hosting

Why go with the best e-commerce web hosting provider?

You will get reliability and flexibility with your account; meaning you will not be tied down like a lower end hosting plan. If you happen to be a designer or developer, e-commerce web hosting is a good option because of the ease of dividing your account into many. And shopping carts are included with most plans, easy to sell your products then.In case you are planning to launch a shopping portal or an ecommerce website then you have to choose a good hosting solution for the same. It is important to choose good ecommerce hosting provider as with that you will be able to showcase your offerings rightly. A good hosting platform for an ecommerce website is necessary to minimize the amount of server downtime and it helps improving the webpage displaying speed. If you overlook the importance of choosing a good provider then you may get the one with cheap rates but it may trouble you with variety of problems. You may face that server resources are being over used; the site takes significantly longer time to load and lesser security in transactions.

Being an ecommerce platform the scripts of your site will consume major server resources and if you have chosen the cheap provider then you will experience reasonable amount of performance drop. All these pitfalls are not good and if you want to prevent your site from having all these troubles then you have to choose a reliable yet affordable provider for ecommerce web hosting. Server downtime is crucial element in any website, and in case of the ecommerce hosting this time frame has to be very less. When servers are updated downtime is acceptable but in other cases the downtime is caused by too much traffic for same item. It is important that you find a provider who guarantees that your site will be up 24/7.

Try to find the following features in your ecommerce web hosting providers:

  • Server uptime is the major thing that you need to see in the web hosting provider, rather very annoying that if a buyer enters information about registration and any transaction and the site responds very slowly. For optimum service try to find a bandwidth utilization should be not more than 30%.

  • It is wise to choose and ecommerce hosting provider that provides several internet connections and frequent backups of data. Reliability is another important aspect that is needed in the ecommerce web hosting and many providers use RAID and clustered systems to guarantee this feature.

  • In any ecommerce site security is very important, credit card transactions are common and you should be installing secure servers and that can be happened with hosting providers giving SSL certificates so buy that plan only.
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