What is Cheap Web Hosting?

Cheap web hosting is the right solution for anyone who is looking to set up a personal or a small business website. Cheap web hosting starts anywhere from less than Rs 45 to Rs 150 per month. But while looking for cheap web hosting you must also be sure and clear about the type of company that you are purchasing the hosting from.

One might think that budget hosting means a compromise in quality. This could not be further from the truth. Listed above are serious companies, still offering e.g. disk space, free domains and unlimited traffic, just at a better price. Cheap website hosting plans offer excellent capacity, quality and security. The reason for the low prizes is that hosting providers of affordable hosting split the expenses amongst a huge number of users, resulting in each user only paying a fraction of the total cost. Most of the plans listed above uses the cPanel interface that allows you manage everything from your email accounts to sub-domains and MySQL databases.

The cheap webhosting market in the recent years has grown tremendously; increasing competition in the segment. For the buyer, this has been a positive change with lower prices and increased capacity and services, but unfortunately some less serious actors have appeared on the market looking to make a quick buck. You can rest assure that these fly by night operations are not listed; only the providers that are well established and offer well credited affordable web hosting. You will simply get more for less.

These shared hosting plans are cheap because you share one server with several other customers. The resources from one small part of a server is usually enough for most websites. However, if you need a more flexible (e.g. installing custom scripts) and powerful (many visitors and/or heavy content) home for your website(s) you should take a look at our list of Virtual Private Servers.

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