What is Xaraya?

Xaraya is a web application development framework. What this means is that Xaraya provides the core functionality you can use to build web applications. Xaraya is a ‘state of the art’ high end Open Source Content Management System. Xaraya is built upon an XML Engine, utilizes PHP for processing information and allows for complete separation of data and styling. Xaraya’s main focus is on ‘blocklayout’. A method of structuring both dynamic and static information, separating styling, presenting in a predefined web page template.

Xaraya offers all the traditional functions of a content management system. Xaraya’s distinction from other CMS is the ability to give total control of data presentation to the CMS maintainer. Additionally, Xaraya allows for the creation and use of Dynamic Data Objects. The CMS maintainer can create, define and utilize Dynamic Data Objects for the use of managing a wide assortment of dynamic data.



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