What is Hosting Reseller?

Web space reseller or hosting reseller packages include Domain Hostings which allows you to host domains with assigned Web space and bandwidth based on web hosting companies package, Multi-Platform Reseller Package Comes with Web space and bandwidth Reseller Package in Windows, Linux, and Java. This reseller package also provides the option of making Sub Resellers.

It is a form of web hosting that allows you to purchase your own share of bandwidth and disk space in the form of a package from a web hosting provider, just like a shared web hosting package, but allows you to create your own client accounts allowing you to resell your web space and bandwidth as your own web hosting packages. Reseller web hosting packages allow you to achieve something which could only previously be achieved with the purchase of a VPS Hosting or dedicated hosting server. Reseller hosting accounts are normally hosted on the same server as other reseller web hosting accounts and in some cases shared web hosting accounts; this means that the reliability of reseller web hosting isn’t great, and you should bare this in mind when offering your web hosting packages.

Like shared web hosting packages, reseller web hosting packages are hosted on high specification servers to try and guarantee a high level of uptime, although this can be made difficult by the nature of shared hosting servers due to the fact that they are popular targets for malicious attackers. Reseller web hosting servers normally have other software installed on them apart from the core services such as a control panel that are needed on a web hosting server. These additional pieces of software may include programs such as RVSkins to allow you to provide your clients with a customized version of cPanel design wise, or a monitoring system so that your web host is notified when a problem occurs with the server on which your reseller hosting account is hosted.

Reseller web hosting is popular with website designers and those who want to start their own web hosting business, since it is a cheap way to get started with providing cheap web hosting accounts to those who may need them. Unlike a VPS Hosting or dedicated server, you don’t have your own server that you have the responsibility of up keeping with a standard reseller hosting account, meaning that you can get on with running your hosting business or designing websites whilst you have a knowledgeable support team that you can rely on and full back on if you need to. Most web hosting providers have a 24