With the world becoming a local market, website makes strong impact on the image of the organization. Websites and web based applications which are accessed by the end customers are clearly becoming an asset of organizations. While for some organization web-site generates a significant part of revenue for others their entire business model may be web dependent.

In today’s fierce competitive market its is critical that your website is available to your end customer all the time. For companies whose sale depends entirely on its websites, any downtime is a direct loss of revenue.


Manashosting provides website monitoring services which can help to ensure that


Your website is available to your customers

Your website available at different bandwidths, from different ISPs, from all your customer locations

You manage your Service Level Agreements.


Manashosting provides such services to various customer from a diverse set of Industries. With e-banking, e-broking and e-commerce becoming an important source of revenue some of the worlds leading banks and financial institution and e-commerce organization have entrusted us with ensuring uptime for their website and interbased applicationshave Banking, ecommerce, insurance, securities & trade