Providing web portal development services, Manashosting develops scalable horizontal and vertical portals, but our web portal developers also focus on and have experience in creating business portals, where standard portal authorization functionality is reinforced through search engine optimization, and business-logic featuring stylish, tailored, user-friendly interfaces adds to the synergy of design. Based on the client’s needs, Manashosting as a web portal development company can offer either B2C or B2B portals.

B2B portals enable you to discover big networks working in the field of business, which may help an entrepreneur to discover new business horizons and partners. A B2B portal provides various data related to business community including individuals, firms, corporations, institutions, societies, agencies, etc.

B2C portals development generates vast customer base for organizations, which may help to market products directly to targeted consumers. We can create e-commerce, enterprise or travel php web portal – whatever you want. To make your B2B and/or B2C portal additionally comfortable and user friendly.


Manashosting can integrate various features such as:


Member Email Systems

Article/Blog Manager

Directory Builder

Frequently Asked Questions Area

Message Forum

Ad Management

Polling Systems

Paid Directory Manager

Web Statistics

Page Manager