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  • We design with fixed prices
  • We guarantee our work
  • Superior quality design
  • Experienced team who know your requirement
  • Take up projects from any locations
  • Use latest technology and scripts
  • We deliver business solutions
  • We have a proven methodology
  • We provide designing at competitive price
  • You would be satisfied as a customer

High Quality Web Designing

  • We’ll provide you with a fixed price quote so that you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the process
  • We’ll provide you what you were looking for without compromising
  • We use high quality features that will be compatible with any type of web browsers
  • We have an expertise team who have worked on different types of business websites and know exactly what will make your site completely different from others.
  • We have the flexibility of taking projects from any were across the world and deliver it on-time
  • We apply technology to deliver business solutions that enable new capabilities, improve the efficiency of your business and help you communicate more effectively.
  • We’ve developed and refined our methods over many years, so you can expect our services and projects to be delivered consistently.
  • We have want each customer to experience what we provide as we believe that your website’s appearance talk more about your branding, image and
  • maturity which a visitor would judge.
  • We provide the best in the area of designing and have thousands or satisfied customers around the world, we are sure you will also join the elite group of
  • satisfied customers when the project is delivered.

To Break our own record of getting 1000 web designing in just 1 month we are giving below unbelievable Offer.


Include website designing or Re-designing project get below feature completely FREE.


1. One Dedicated Server Worth of Rs 3,00,000 per year is free for next 3 years.
Hard Disk 1 TB, RAM 8 GB, Bandwidth 1 TB, Xeon quad core processor.

2. One Account manager Worth of Rs 45,000 per month is free for 1st 3 month to manage your server and website.

3. Website maintenance services Free for 1 year Worth of Rs 1,00,000

4. Chat Software Is Free to live Chat with your Customer on your website by your Staff.
Unlimited Staff and unlimited chat with unlimited visitor Unlimited department Worth of Rs 2,50,000 FREE for 1 year

5. CRM Software to manage your clients in your live website Free Worth of Rs 1,65,000

6. Customer Support Ticket System Worth of Rs 75,000 FREE

7. Email Newsletter Credit to send mail to your customers Worth of Rs 25,000 Free

8. Search Engine optimization for 10 keyword Free worth of Rs 80,000

9. Social Media optimization Is free Worth of Rs 45,000

10. To know How to use and manage Website, server and software Training Free worth of Rs 25,000

11. Mobile Apps with 5 screen of your website Free worth of Rs 2,50,000



We at Manashosting designing team have 3 teams situated in 3 different locations to provide the best designing as per our client’s requirement. Our expertise team can create any type of a website from static personal website to 3D site.


Personal website: Gone are the days of carrying your resume and project work on papers, get latest, get online. Personal website with your videos, photos, about yourself, achievements and more. A personalized website which would touch the heart of your visitors and pride to your collars each time someone visits your site they can go thought the details which will be presented in top quality and set you different from others.


Business website: Pen down your domain name on your visiting card and impress your clients and competitors. The whole world is going online to increase their business if you do not have a site for your business then you are losing too much of business and if you already have a website and if you would like to re-design surely your site will be set apart from the rest. We can design your site in static or dynamic as your need is and provide you state of the art quality in your site.


Ecommerce: World today is shopping online is your desire to create a global presence, do business internationally, get more revenue? Do you have a concept of selling stuffs though a website? Whatever may be your desire or concept we will provide you the best solution which will fulfill your dreams and bring your dreams into reality. Ecommerce site with a shopping cart and payment integration will server your purpose. Each click and navigation of your site by your users will give them whole lot of new experience. How we do, is the secret behind your success. Your e-commerce will be totally different from the rest providing more features to your clients as well as sellers on your site. Don’t hesitate too much feel free to ask a quote and fulfill your heart’s desire.


Joomla: Joomla is gaining more popularity when compared to other CMS related platform available in the market. Using joomla any type of dynamic site can be designed for example, E-commerce, matrimony, Job portal etc are just to name a few. The advantages of Joomla are Joomla can be setup and deployed in a matter of minutes, Joomla offers users a wide range of plugins to help enhance site content. This includes everything from plugins to site modules that are all open source in nature, best suitable for site where a wide range of users access content, it’s important to have a way to setup dynamic user permissions. Joomla allows for up to nine different types of user permissions.


WordPress: WordPress is better suitable for blog based websites. Even though WordPress started as blog but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Using the different themes provided by WordPress we can create websites as per your requirement.


Drupal: Drupal is popular for its power, scalability, and low cost. This power and scalability are a result of the system’s focus on configurability and customization. With so many options, it can be easy to begin. With careful planning, you can end up with a site that is concise, sleek, and easy to update site.


Video site: There are plenty of entrepreneurs who would like to create a site that which is close to YouTube. Big dreams are always better and we will help you fulfill your dreams and bring it to reality. Low cost video sites where your website registered users can upload their videos on your portal and share it on Social networking sites which will increase the popularity of your website within few months can be designed plus with hundreds of features for your users and visitors of your site.


Classified websites: if you are searching someone to design a classified website you can surely hola at us. With more than 15 years of experience in php based classified website experience you can be rest assured that your website looks completely unique and different which is user friendly to navigate and get the search results. We can incorporate most or all of your requirement for a classified website.


Matrimony: Yet another popular website which has been accepted by the communities by far and large is the matrimony portals. Designing a matrimony portal requires high knowledge in coding, cosmetics as well as gateways and we are the master of these mentioned requirements. As a company we have designed plenty of matrimony portals with separate categories for Religion, caste and sub-casts with easy handling option for the admin through which managing a huge database of the portal becomes as easy as checking your mail in your in-box.


Flash: A complete flash site or a semi-flash or just a flash intro, you name it and you get it. With stunning graphics and color combinations that would make your users to sit on the edge of the seat is what you will get from us. Expertise in the field of Flash makes your website give a complete different looks when compared to a normal website.


Health care website: Health care products, health care systems have gained much popularity on the internet off late and there are too many visitors and users searching for these products and services across the globe and the most customers who would like to purchase the products or service prefer to do online. We working in the designing field for more than 2 decades have complete understanding of user behavior which will be the added advantage and not to forget also a wonderfully expressive site which will show case your products and services and set your site unique from that of your competitors.


Photo gallery website: An image speaks thousands of un-spoken words and what better way to show it to the world at large. More than 99% of today’s websites use images to make their website look lively and what better way to generate revenue from the collection of images which you have clicked. A best platform to showcase your ability, creativity and at the same time earning few hard cash as a reward for your efforts. we understand you, and know how to help you generate revenue from your hard work which will keep your passion driven for a longer run.


Mobile website: By far these days internet on the mobile phones have become common and so to suffice the need of the growing users a mobile website becomes critical for any business or professionals to have an well designed and well developed mobile website to attract your customers since there is a major difference between a desktop website and a mobile website.


Blogs: Freedom of speech online started and still maintained through blogs and forums. Even though most of the forums and blogs look alike we help you to put up a blog that is different and user friendly. As an admin you will have plenty of features and your users surely would love to hang on your site and spend more time on your site and also refer you site to various other online users which will bring more visitors and popularity to your website.


Social Networking website: Every other person today like to become Mark Zuckerberg and own a website if not like Facebook at the least close to it. And like to get to the T of orkut type of sites, no matter what’s your requirement we shall design. Our professional social networking designing team is experienced in understanding the need and the want for social networking today and simultaneously helps you create your dream social networking project with tools and features which your users surely will give thumps up.


Live streaming websites: Be it the T20 matches or live news or live telecast whatever is your requirement we will provide you with the solution. we will design sites that are more compatible with any kind of streaming servers and which would have lesser delay. Since our background is with hosting and designing any site we design we always give priority to the type of hosting you use.


News portal: You can get diverse range of news portal designs and patterns in a unified way. Nowadays, the news portal becomes the major platform for imparting communication through web. The media is surely not an exception and the concept of DEVELOPMENT OF NEWSPORTAL has been embraced all across the globe. We develop a complete set of new portal solutions having multi-dimensional features and usability. We provide a real competitive news portal websites through different technologies like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc


Author website: Plenty of authors are eagerly seeking for a platform to exhibit their work and we help those works to be taken beyond and far, we design Websites for authors and publishers. Our designs will convey your voice as much as the words you put on the pages. Our expertised team identifies the content and presents it in a manner that will help your readers to feel your expression and convey your message to the T.


Automobile website:Automobile industry has traveled far from a garage to television and now online. Looking at the growing requirement and the need for the users to find the latest news, updates, reviews and more. To get things closure we help you design a quality website which will convey more information as and how it’s been provided.


Real estate website: We provide custom websites for real estate agents, brokers and other real estate professionals, including flat fee brokers and for sale by owner sites. We can design your site either on static or dynamic as you require. Selection of properties, location, price etc will be few major hits when a visitor is searching your site.


Medical website: A vast area including online doctors, medicines, practitioners, equipments and more, catering to your requirement and the need of your and your target customers we can design you an attractive website which will provide more trust to your patience and confidence to their relatives.


SMS gateway integration: Integration of SMS gateway for verification or for sending messages is provided at lesser price. All we need is the API from your provider and rest we will take care for you.


Payment gateway Integration: Pay Pal, CCAvenue, ICICI, Citrus, name it we integrate it. Get us your API code, merchant details and other necessary information and we will fix it for you and help you generate more revenue from your site at the same time make the complete experience of online shopping for your users easy.


Interior designing website: We help architectures and interior designers to have an overall online presence by creating stunning looking website which will show case to their customers the innovation and creativity of architectures and designers to generate more revenue through their website.


Animation website: Animation has crossed several stages right from the sketch on a plain paper to motions and movement attached to the images to movies and now online. As the craze and excitement for animation has occupied the hearts of millions across the world. Animation has taken different stages and in today’s world we find animation in all aspects of life. Website with animations attracts more visitors than compared to websites without animation. Our animation team is exclusively qualified to get those special effects on to your site with Animation alongside 2D website and with 3D website animations. If you have a dream that needs to be put on the internet, let’s talk.


Colors White Belt Yellow Belt Orange Belt Blue Belt Purple Belt Green Belt Brown Belt Black Belt Red Belt
Design type Static Enhanced
Static + Intro Page
Semi Flash Full Flash 3rd Party Web Apps Dynamic Animation or
with Payment Gateway
Web Site
Web Site
No of Pages 25 40 25 50 40 Customize Customize Customize Customize
Manhours 250 Hrs 500 Hrs 600 Hrs 800 Hrs 1,000 Hrs 2,500 Hrs 5,000 Hrs 15,000 Hrs 50,000 Hrs