Manashosting provides you with the option of going for a dedicated server solution at a price lower than the dedicated server packages with same configuration as that of dedicated server with its new technology named as V Dedicated Server. In the world first time Manashosting at the height of extreme innovation brought this package in the current market to fulfill the dreams of our clients of running an independent server solution at cheapest rate. Its beyond imagination and holding hands in the rate structure of International market Manashosting specialized its effort and dwelled on the architecture which is an alternative however precise solution which minimize the maintenance rate of a dedicated server and increases the rate of resource usage to the fullest of what exists. Implementation of such technology will help our client to think beyond the limitation of regular dedicated server architecture and dwell upon the new generation or modern core settings of a server that has been named as V Dedicated Server.

Having a v dedicated server at Manashosting would offer you reliable service. As the website or application is hosted solely on the server, there is never a risk of the server being congested with application related to other client’s website. That is the reason why v dedicated server will prove to be much more reliable than a shared hosting plan where the speed of a web application is much slower because of higher resource usage and its distribution. The v dedicated server is also much more secure, as the concerned person will only have access to it. There will also be no possibility of viruses or other malicious software in the v dedicated server. Also, the v dedicated servers at Manashosting will have an own unique IP address so the IP address of your domain points only to your website.

The demand of dedicated web hosting server arises due to the increase in demand of the site and more advancement inside the website to add more services and to reach more clients which needs more advanced technologies with widespread utilization of system resources and increased bandwidth to serve the technology to a web browser more efficiently which Manashosting has researched on the market demand to bring such an unique technology for sake of people who are in need of dedicated server space for their business efforts. With this augmented require for resources, having a whole server for your site is often the answer. A v dedicated server gives an individual the unique solution for such requirements.

A v dedicated server is the most excellent solution for dealing with traffic-heavy businesses that need more staff, resources, and security to build, install, and maintain an in-house solution. With a v dedicated server provided by Manashosting, gives a perfect solution for such business needs. A v dedicated server account is usually cheaper overall than a dedicated server, and businesses can pick savings of a quite a lump sum per month basis.

V Dedicated Server provider Manashosting describes its level of management based on the services it offers. In contrast, completely managed could equal self managed from supplier to supplier. Administrative continuance of the operating system, often compromises upgrades, security patches, and from time to time even daemon updates are compromised. Differing types of management may compromise adding new domains, users, daemon configuration, or even custom programming. V Dedicated Server may offers a vast source of application which helps a client to organize their clients’ accounts based on the requirements. Since we are looking for long term relationship with the customers we would like to sell the packages for one year and more

These kinds of dedicated servers are perfect for larger businesses or for e-commerce website’s which require being confident that their site recommends the most in security. Dedicated IP’s are offered for persons who desire to purchase the unique IP addresses for a finest value. A number of persons may discover that they desire to go this route owed to the reality that it will avoid the website from collecting spam, a crisis that can frequently occur when utilizing a shared website.



Purchase for1 yearget 3 months at$1 per month

Special Offer


Purchase for 2 year get 5 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 3 year get 8 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 5 year get 12 months at $1 per month
Purchase for 10 year get 36 months at $1 per month
$1 Per Month For The First 3 Months
All the packages provided in Virtual Private Server comes with $1 for the first 3 months from the 4th month the cost of these respective packages which you have chosen. A customer needs to decide which plan they would like to purchase in the start and the same package will be continued till the entire tenure.
Free Managed Services
All the server packages comes with Free Managed for the first 3 months. L2 support will be provided free the actual cost of L2 level Managed Services cost Rs5500 per month, you save Rs5500x3=Rs16500.
Easy Monthly Installment (EMI)
First time in the hosting history across the globe Manashosting has introduced EMI facility for servers. EMI helps a client to pay the server cost easily. Customer’s do not have to block their money by making payment at once but can pay through ECS or post dated cheques. To avail EMI facility send your post dated cheques to our Bangalore corporate office address. All the cheques should be dated on the 5th of respective months. To avial ECS contact our team, fill in all the details and send the hard copy to our Bangalore corporate office address.

Server Reselling concept in Virtual Dedicate server

Manashosting has launched “Server Reseller” for Virtual Dedicate server. You can earn up to 75% in selling cost. In Server Reselling a person or a company can make profit by reselling servers to their customers a Server Reseller can sell the servers depending on their time in other words, there is no stipulated time frame for a Server Reseller to sell or there are no red tapes. A Server Reseller will be provided with unique identification number which will have an active account with Manashosting for calculation of payouts. In server Reselling concept, you start to get payouts after you have crossed a few sales, once the sales are crossed Server Reseller can retain their payouts and pay the remaining amount to Manashosting.

No investment, no advertisements, no long term agreement, no marketing, no fuss, you don’t have to provide any sort of support, be it billing or technical. Reselling of servers is simple, you contact Manashosting purchase the servers at discounted price and later sell it to your customers at markup price. You do not have to provide any kind of support to your customers’ we will help them out with their issues.

Who can become Server Reseller?

  • Designers
  • Professionals
  • Developers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneur
  • House wife’s
  • Resellers
  • A Common Man
  • Web Masters
  • You

How does Server Reselling work?

A Server Reseller is a person or a company who can use their own brand name in other words your customer will never know from whom you purchased the service and this gives you the opportunity to sell the package at any cost you like. In this concept there is no long term agreement, no commitment, no investment, no hazel, only profit over the income.

As a Server Reseller you will be selling all the servers of Manashosting to your customers and we will provide technical support as well as customer service to your customers. As a Server Reseller you don’t have to invest a single coin, you start earning when you sell any of the server packages to your customers. It’s as simple as that.

Server Reseller Remuneration

Units Percentage Yes
5 – 10 25%
11 – 50 35%
51 – 100 50%
101 – 250 25%
251 & above 75%



Space 3000GB 4000GB 6000GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Guaranteed CPU 3.0GHz 4.5GHz 6.0GHz
OS Win/Lin Win/Lin Win/Lin
Dedicated Ips 10 15 25
Network Speed 100MBPS 100MBPS 100MBPS
Burstable Memory 12GB 16GB 100GB
Control Panel 1 domain Free Free Free
Open Source Hosting Control Panel Free Free Free
Open Source WebMail Interface Free Free Free
Website Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Raid 10 Fault Tollerance Disk Space
Supporting Code, ASP, PHP
Firewall Protection Free Free Free
24X7 Network and System Monitoring
Hardware Management
Reboot Request
Full Admin/ Root Access
Private Name Server
Account Manager
Trouble Ticket System
Advance Features
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
PHP Support
Perl Support
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Audio/Video Streaming
Technology Features
Dell Servers