It gives us total satisfaction after we could listen to what our customers feel, experience and think about our company and service that we provide. Hello and welcome to the audio testimonial section of Manashosting. In this section you will listen to thousands of audio testimonial from our customers who love us and would love to see our technical team becoming Asia’s Number 1 technical team in web hosting industry. Our customers make us proud and with them we too are excited in marching forward to reach out and help our customers at time of their needs.

From the last 14 years we have been in the industry of hosting, even during the time when many Indian customers did not know the meaning of WWW or even knew how to use an email. Back from those days we have been assisting customers and taking them from an offline world of printing broachers, leaflets and print media advertisement to the next and then new generation of websites and online world. We have provided service to millions of domains so far directly or indirectly and have taught our customers who were offline, how they could get benefited when they get online. Earlier when our customers were offline they had very little or absolutely no knowledge of online as in domains, hosting, email etc, even though it was a tedious task for us to make people understand how it would be beneficial if they choose to go online and how their business would reach to trillions just with one click. The one click funda helped us to teach more customers the benefits of taking their business online, at the same time make them to accept the fact of converting their business into an online was the next future as well as profitable in various aspects like reaching more customers online than offline, people would prefer to shop online, awareness of the online among the customers – customers, easy access to customers, promoting their business without spending too much for print media, could provide more detailed information about their products and services which an individual will not be able to explain, reaching world over and just not staying fixed to their local area or city or state or country only, increase their customer base drastically from the current 3-4% straight to 300-400 times and so on.

During those days we explained our customers and gave them the confidence, and today most of our customers have taken their business to the next level where they are catering to clients from different countries just by trusting our words and getting their business online. With the growth through our help our customers have turned from normal local business men to giants, corporate, private limited firms, LLCs etc. When we look back from those days to these days we are glad that our customers did trust us and heed to our words which made them to grown in their respective domains from an ordinary vendor to MNCs and corporate.

We are also very pleased that these customer have not forgotten us and when they got to know that our technical team is in the run to become Asia’s number one technical team they volunteered to vote our technical team just for the help that we did back in those days, surely this was another positive sign for us apart from the thousands of audio testimonials.

Testimonials are not something new to Manashosting, earlier we had uploaded more than million written testimonials of our clients on our website. Now we wanted to make our visitors to listen to what our customer are saying about us, our products and services than just making our visitors read. We are receiving more than one hundred audio testimonials’ in a day, we check if those testimonial are genuine in nature by manually verifying with the customer details with our records and only then upload them on our site. As the ratio of the testimonials increasing, the day will not be too far when you will find lakhs of audio testimonials on our website which will again make us proud that our efforts and labor is paid when our customers are appreciating our service and products.

Plenty of customers do know us for low price and more quantity but from past few years our customers are recognizing us for new technology, invention, creativity, quality, service and more. When we are listening to our customers we are very happy because we wanted the whole hosting industry to know us for better quality, technology and service and not only for low cost and more quantity.

We would like to thank all those customer who appreciated our service and quality and provided us with their appreciable audio testimony also we would like to thank all those customers who even after switching their business or even hosting from us but still provided us with positive feedback through their testimonials. We wish them good tidings for their future and with the help of our customers we can get more confidence which will help us to bring new and innovative technology and products to our customers and help them reach their goals online and it will help us to march forward and server more customers and make them happy with our service and quality while we listen to more audio testimonials of our satisfied customers.