Singapore Datacenter

With raising demand for page uploading duration, SEO & SMO compatibility most of the customers from India prefer to host their websites in Singapore datacenters. The internet connectivity and speed from the datacenter situated in Singapore will be the right answer to match your requirement. Page loads are much faster, location wise its much closer and above all the loading of your site will be lightening fast.


High Speed Internet Connectivity

Uplink Port Speed 1GBPS Dual Public and Private Network Port 1GBPS Dual amounting to a Total of 2,00,000 KBPS. With this lightening fast speed of internet connectivity your sites upload and download is possible just in few mile seconds or sometimes in nano seconds.

Brand New High Speed Processor

With IBM’s Quad Core Xeon 5720 Series, you can have the best speed to run your website. IBM’s Quad Core Xeon 5720 Series combines technical innovation with built-in reliability, designed to meet your business needs.





Brand New High Speed RAM 48GB

48GB DDR3 ultra-high capacity memory that’s designed for workstations and web servers.

Although it’s not likely you’ll be seeing this in your average PC or your local servers, the memory should take multitasking to a whole new dimension which will make the process faster.


Latest Windows 2012 Sever Operating System

Windows Server powers many of the worlds’ largest datacenters, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organizations of all sizes. Windows Server 2012 redefines the server category, delivering hundreds of new features and enhancements spanning virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, automation, and more. Simply put, Windows Server 2012 helps you transform your operations and deliver a whole new level of value.



Sturdy Backup EVault® Disk to Disk Enterprise

A Seagate Company product EVault® disk-to-disk backup technology minimizes bandwidth usage, backup windows, and storage needs; ensures security, privacy, and regulatory compliance; and protects data.


100% Uptime

Uptime is a common factor any website owner would like to have, especially when your site is receiving heavy traffic. In this package we have understood and met your requirement for 100% Uptime. We can deliver 100% uptime in this super fast hosting package due to various factors, few of them are Brand new servers, Singapore datacenter, High speed internet connectivity with auto failure switchover, multiple power backups, and last but not the least latest technology EVault® disk-to-disk backup.


High Demand Database

Database is one of the major factor and as the technology is advancing so does your requirement for more after listening to our customers we are glad to introduce MsSql 2008 Express R2 Edition, MySql Version 5 version in this package exclusively. With the expertise support with database and database resolution Super fast server is the best for your latest website hosting requirement.


Latest Plesk 11 Control Panel

Parallels Plesk 11 Panel is the preferred choice for hosting service, web designers, and website owners. With Parallels commitment towards professional hosting, the 11 release is focused on professional aspects of the product, including business growth, upgrading, upsell and ease of operations, for website owners


Latest Scripts

Customer have an option to request for any versions of latest scripts available in the market such as ASP 3.0, PHP 5.2.13, ASP.Net 5 the scripting support you wanted for your eCommerce, blog, news, gallery, dating, educational, forum, hybrid websites. these scripting features helps to deliver maximum results and performance of your website which your users always appreciate.



Server Configuration

Processor Quad Core Xeon 5720
Operating system WIndows Server 2012
MsSql 2008 Enterprise Edition/ R2 Version
MySql version 5
Control panel Plesk Control panel
Uplink Port Speed 1GBPS Dual Public and Private
Private Network Port 1GBPS Dual
Total Speed 2,00,000 KBPS
Backup EValut Disk to Disk Enterprise
Security Package Mcafee Total Protection

General Features

Disk Space 1,000MB (1GB)
Bandwidth Per Month 10,000MB (10GB)
Domain Hosted 1
MS SQL database space No Limits
My SQL database space No Limits
E-Mail IDs No Limits
E-Mail Id Space No Limits
Setup Fee FREE
Control Panel New Plesk 11 Edition
FREE Domain Registration NO
Website Builder

E-mail features

POP3 E-Mail Accounts
E-mail Aliases
Mailing Lists
Spam Filter
E-Mail Filter
Anti-Virus Protection
Web Mail
POP3 Server
SMTP Server
Auto Responder E-Mails
Catch-all E-Mails
IMAP Support
E-Mail Forwarding mail groups
Anti spam

Above Plan Does Not Support

Multiple Domain Hosting