Spam has always been an area of concern for most of them who are online and for those who use mail boxes, even so much that users who have subscribed to free mailing services it is evident how much more for the users who are using mail boxes from their own domain or company domain or paid mail ids. Mailing technology which will give you complete guarantee of spam free inbox was our goal and here we are presenting you SPAM WARRIOR TECHNOLOGY after successful testing and experimenting. Mails in your inbox are 100% authenticated and not a single spam mail would reach your inbox. Since we have been in the hosting industry, which also involves mails, database etc we always wanted to break the ginks of spam reaching the inboxes of any user. We were also aware of variety of products available in the mailing sector which promises of keeping your mail boxes clean without spam and as we know it does give you to an extent but not guarantee you 100% spam free mail boxes. The opportunity of completing this 100% and fulfilling the desire of all online users to have a spam free inbox gave our team the push and to understand how the complete email technology would work and how we can bring a break through. The Spam Warrior Technology is so secure that we can make sure even if a new email address is created and a mail sent to you from that address if it’s a marketing mail or an advertisement mail it will not be delivered to your inbox. The technology is highly secure which even pushed us to announce reward openly.

Manashosting’s R&D department has been working on this project for over few years and the intensity of research has provided an outcome which is way beyond imagination. Since this invention has a huge demand we are awaiting for the patent rights, Spam Warrior Technology and after the patent ship is completed we will release our Spam Warrior Technology to the customers. Even though this technology is developed on high scale technology, still can be used by any common man who do not like to have spam in their inboxes. With the Spam Warrior technology we would provide unlimited email id and unlimited databases which is optional. This is not just an invention for keeping a spam free inbox but an invention which is essential since the whole world is going online and email is has already become vital in our life style.