Manashosting can manage simultaneous connections to one or more SMSCs, supporting the major SMSC protocols, including SMPP, UCP/EMI, CIMD2, HTTP, and/or GSM modems. Manashosting handles the low level protocol details, and makes it easy to switch between different providers, as well as making it easy to add additional connections for situations where it is advantageous to route messages for different countries via different providers.

Manashosting offers simple SMS gateway connectivity for those who need to SMS-enable their systems, websites, or applications. Using Creative Web Designers API (Application Programming Interface) integration is fast, simple and reliable.

Our API is immediately multicast messaging enabled, allowing integration to any front-end or legacy system, with a direct connection into Creative Web Designers global gateways.

Learn more about each of our API connectivity options below:


Our most popular connection, HTTP is one of the simpler forms of communication to the Manashosting API. It is used in the form of an HTTP/Internet Post.

SMTP [E-mail to SMS] API

Another firm favourite, the SMTP API allows messages that are sent via e-mail to be converted to SMS. Popular with customers who already have an e-mail messaging system in place.


Our most robust connection, suitable for customers who send large volumes of traffic. Manashosting offers a global SMPP connection using the SMPP 3.3 standard. Customers are required to have SMPP client software in place, and unlike our other APIs there are minimum volume requirements when using SMPP.


If you are familiar with XML, Manashosting offers an XML interface with its own set of DTDs. Currently supports XML over HTTP.


Suitable for once off, high volume messaging. The FTP upload facility allows customers to upload text files to Manashosting FTP site, and have the files automatically dispatched to message recipients.

COM Object API

Popular with windows-based developers, the Manashosting COM API object’s rich set of methods and definitions make it easy for a user to integrate SMS sending into their programs or ASP pages.

Web to SMS

This simple to use Web interface allows you to communicate instantly with individuals or groups via bulk text messaging, and receive replies to an inbox on the website.

The following features are available:


Message history with status reports

Buy and manage credits online

Scheduling of messages for a future date

Multiple messages from file upload

Low Credit Notification


Manage Invoices

Purge message facility

Controllable sender id

SMS Merge

SSL Encryption

Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows you to use your own email client (Outlook, Gmail or any other email client) to send and receive SMS messages. This is a great interface for people comfortable with using email. It also allows for multiple people to use the system – a powerful tool for office communication. Once registered follow the email setup steps and you are ready to send from your email client. Replies to an SMS can automatically be forwarded to an email address of your choice.

Desktop Software

With our Bulk SMS Text Messenger you extend the power of SMS to your desktop. This is feature rich software is easy to install and use. It has a familiar look and feel, similar to your e-mail client. Replies to messages are received in an Inbox. Messages can be replied to, or forwarded to others. The software was designed to facilitate quick group and individual messaging.

Additional features are:

Easy Outlook Address book integration.

Creation of distribution groups.

Uploading of databases from CSV or tab delimited files.

Quick messaging to large groups (up to 20000/group) and individuals.

Personalized messaging.

Detailed reporting of all sent and received messages.

Electronic Application Interface:

Our EAPI (Electronic Application Programming Interface) allows your organization to SMS enable your own applications. The EAPI can be used for tasks from automatic notification to message delivery status. The EAPI is based on simple HTTP requests. Data is by default returned to you in a pipe-delimited (|) format, and you can generally submit everything you need to as simple query parameters.

2-Way SMS Application Enabler – Creative Web Designers is a great tool for enabling rapid development of interactive SMS applications and services. When Manashosting receives an SMS message, it can be configured to dispatch that message to a script running on an HTTP server, to a local executable program, or local script or batch file.

This provides a simple way to get received messages into an application, so that the application can perform custom processing on the message. The application can generate a simple reply back to the received message, or perform more advanced application specific logic.

MMSC – Manashosting is an Multimedia Messaging Service Centre, or MMSC. It has the capability to support person-to-person (phone-to-phone) MMS messaging, as well as application-to-person and person-to-application MMS messaging. Over 20 mobile operators are using Manashosting as an MMSC to enable multimedia messaging on their networks.

MMSC for Application to person messaging – In many environments, Manashosting is implemented as a secondary MMSC to enable application to person MMS messaging, while another MMSC provides person-to-person MMS messaging services.

MMS Gateway – Manashosting can interface to existing MMSCs using MM7, MM4, or EAIF. It can also interface to operator MMSCs over a GPRS modem using MM1. Manashosting handles the low level protocol details, and makes it easy to switch between different providers, as well as making it easy to add additional connections.

WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) – Manashosting makes it easy to send WAP Push messages, supporting push message submission via a simple HTTP interface, as well as support for the more advanced Push Access Protocol (PAP) interface.

Manashosting also includes support for Multimedia WAP Push, which can be used as a lower cost alternative to MMS for the delivery of multimedia content.

OTA Provisioning Gateway – Manashosting supports OTA (Over-the-Air) provisioning based upon the Nokia/Ericsson OTA specification, and the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Provisioning Content specification. These protocols allow browser, messaging and synchronization settings to be sent to devices over SMS. OMA Provisioning also supports additional setting types, such as those used for Push-to-Talk, e-mail, and more.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Enabler – Creative Web Designers provides a simple interface for sending out MMS or WAP Push messages with DRM Forward-Lock enabled. Manashosting also supports the encoding of more advanced DRM rights messages for delivery over SMS/WAP Push.

SMSC Multiplexer – Manashosting allows multiple applications to share SMSC connections by functioning as an SMPP server. Applications designed to submit messages using SMPP can connect to a Manashosting server, and Manashosting can route the messages over any of its supported SMSC links. Manashosting can also support multiple clients connecting in to submit messages over an HTTP/Web interface.

These are just some of the application uses of Manashosting. We invite you to study our features list to learn about the technical capabilities of Manashosting that might be of use for your applications and/or services.