Maximum hosting companies configure MS Sql, My Sql, E-Mail, DNS, FTP and rest in ONE Dedicated Server to reduce the Server Manufacturing cost. So the same Processor and RAM of that dedicated server will be utilized for the entire Operations on server. In this way, almost maximum resource of the CPU will be required for above tasks management and only least will be left for your Hosted Website. Therefore the Performance and the Speed of the website will be drastically decreased. However as per the server architecture of Manashosting, we maintain each and every application and software in different dedicated servers to get HIGH Uptime and BEST Speed for shared hosting website.




 Uptime Graph of April – 2012 and May – 2012
 Uptime Graph of MAY-2011 and JUNE-2011
reportdetail2 reportdetail4
Average uptime 99.847% in round up 100%

Speed Graph of MAY-2011 and JUNE-2011

reportdetail7 reportdetail8
Average Speed 0.119% in round up 100%
reportdetail5 reportdetail6
Average Speed 0.115% in round up 100%
Uptime Graph of JAN-2010 and FEB-2010
Average uptime 99.79% in round up 100% Average uptime 99.83% in round up 100%
Speed Graph of JAN-2010 and FEB-2010


  • Real time report was taken from active dedicated server.
  • High speed connection 100mbps connected to the server.
  • Always consider to sign up high-end package from Manashosting to avail high uptime and speed.

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