‘Manashosting’ is providing the facility to all the reseller as well as small hosting companies of India, those who are not interested to continue their running hosting business. They can host all their customer’s domain in Manashosting server FREE of cost and Manashosting will provide them Admin control panel with which they can move their customer to us and at the time of renewal they will get 50% profit from those accounts that have been renewed.

This is applicable only for those resellers or hosting companies who have more than 50 to 5000 domains. Resellers can use both Windows and Linux platform provided by us for their customers. Through this as a reseller you will have full track on your customer and in less effort you will get more profit.

You can also enjoy several other benefits by using the web hosting from Manashosting.

Manashosting will provide more facility with the packages to your customers by which your customers will not feel hesitant to change the hosting.

If you have any questions related to the technicality of the product or need assistance with the product that you are interested in please fill the below form, our manager would revert to you and clarify your queries.