Manashosting would like to thank all those real and genuine customers of Manashosting for showing their support to us by posting their genuine reviews on more than 2500 thousand times and in different review sites. We from the bottom of our heart would like to thank each of those customers’ since they have taken time from their busy schedule to appreciate the service. When talking about negative reviews the number of websites containing our negative reviews are just 10 in number compared to the 2500 positive reviews that the company has, if we are looking at in percentage more than 99% customers are satisfied even if we are looking at the reviews available on the internet and not to mention, there are more satisfied clients of the company who have not shared their positive reviews on the internet. As a company Manashosting has given various challenges to customers to bring up their unresolved issues and get them fixed, each time the results were outstanding. Our technical team had scored 100% satisfaction on 2 occasions, Billing team challenge resulted in another cent percent satisfaction followed by CRM team in the year 2012. Manashosting would like to provide best service and at the same time also justify the service our customers’ receive each day. Various auto generated surveys reach our customers’ mail box once they have completed their interaction with any of the team.

You might have come across various reviews about the company we would like to highlight the negative reviews especially; firstly here is a question to all the readers of negative reviews and currently the company’s answer to those negative reviews. The question is, “whom do you believe?” while searching the company you would have come across various negative reviews online about the company, but have you ever questioned the authenticity of these reviews? Have you ever got to know if they were or are the customers of the company? Have you ever used your analytical ability to identify the truth of the matter? To throw some light let us give you a little insight of the company, when Manashosting entered into the hosting market the cost of the hosting packages were sky rocketing high which did not given an opportunity for customers to have an online presence. Manashosting learnt this drawback and provided packages at a low cost with more quantity which gave the company a different acceptance by the market in the view of the customers and the company also educated and created awareness of hosting to the Indian customers through which at no point of time any of the other hosting companies could misguide the Indian customers. Having said this, the changes or the revolution created in the hosting market by the company created a big drift and all those companies who were providing hosting packages at higher cost could not provide as the Indian customers leant the secret behind the price and hosting, this did not go well with these companies and to damage our company’s credibility used their own staff to write negative reviews about the company and tried all possible ways to bring the company’s image down in the hosting market, here we would like to thank all those customers who did not accept the negative reviews posted but used their brains to know us and trust us. On the other hand the negative reviews started to pile as a heap but at no given point of time these reviews stopped the company to provide unique and innovative packages to our Indian customers. As a company we never bothered about the negative reviews written by our competitors nor did any sort of defense as we know that not all the customers would believe in these fake reviews. As you all know that Manashosting was the first hosting company in the world to launch Unlimited Web space and Unlimited Bandwidth which has been adopted by all the hosting companies across the globe even to this day. Manashosting understood the communication gap since the phone charges were high introduced online chat for the first time in Indian hosting industry to bridge the gap between the company and its customers. Now if the company was not dedicated to provide our Indian customers with the innovative options and were worried about the negative reviews of the company would not have come so far and created various packages that we see in the hosting industry on this day. As you all know we as a company have contributed various technological and innovative ideas and packages to the hosting industry so far but what about those who are writing these reviews what contribution have they provided to our Indian customers and to the hosting industry? These negative reviews were highlighted to us by few of the online blog site owners who wanted to cut a deal with us and if we agreed to their deals they would remove these negative reviews from their sites, but we work on ethics and at no point of time we wanted to cut a deal offered by these companies but in turn asked them to prove if these reviews were written by our customers which did not go well with them. As history has taught us all not every inventor were greeted with both the arms open but as time passed by their names have been mentioned in golden words and generations after generations study about them and their achievements and inventions they did during their life time. Let’s look at Galileo, even before Nasa came into existence Galileo showed us several things in the space which the people during his era were unable to understand and criticized him, but at no point Galileo was shaken or moved from his vision and goal and stayed focused. Today we all know the contribution of Galileo and his contribution towards math, astronomy, mechanical science, etc and earned him the title of Father of Scientific Revolution. Let’s now looks at Thomas Edison a scientist who provided us the bulb which we use even to this very day was criticized and was also called as lunatic during his young age but it never made Edison to stop on his inventions. His few other inventions are camera, re-chargeable batteries etc. We can show case various people in the history who have provided various innovative products while going through criticism. We as a company do not worry about the criticism raised against us, because we believe that someday history would surely recognize us and our contribution that we have done and going to do in the future for the hosting industry and for our Indian customers.

There have been occasions where we wanted to express our sorrows, but we always wanted to fight back these negative reviews with our work which no hosting companies in the world would be able to provide. But at times it does make us feel a little sad as we are struggling to provide our Indian customers with product and services which no company can provide at less cost and our Indian customers asking us about the reviews that they see online whom neither the customers reading them know who they are nor we as a company have any sort of relationship with these review writers. Company has always provided packages that are for long term, now if our services are bad as it is mentioned on the review sites why would we provide long term packages to our customers? Won’t we provide short term packages? We know what we are providing and hence want all our customers to use our product and services for a longer time and know the difference and learn themselves by staying with us and not believe those reviews written on the internet and rather use their own judgment before deriving at a conclusion. And if the customers do not want to invest and purchase the package can apply for our 7 days free trial before purchasing the package and use the service free for 7 days and then derive at a conclusion. There are various other ways how one can identify the quality and services provided by us in the hosting market and judge by themselves rather than believing the reviews written on the internet. When the review sites contacted us, we approached these fake customers to remove their reviews from the websites, many of them did not reply as the email ids etc used to create the accounts were either not used or those so called customers do not know their passwords but few did revert to us we asked them for the proof of ownership of the website they were unable to provide as these customers were fake. In those we did come across just a hand pick number of customers who were able to provide the details but when cross checked with our database they moved out of our service even before we could know about the issue and since they have moved out there is no ways we would be able to provide them the service they are looking for. In those early days there were several users who abused the service and when forcefully we took action against them moved their service and took part in the rampage of the reviews. As a hosting company we have all the records to know who our customers are no matter even if they had moved their domain to us just for a single minute.

We also challenged our customers to prove if our services were not good by inviting them for our technical challenge and not many customers participated in the challenge as they never faced unsolved issues or pending issues with us which resulted in 100% customer satisfaction. No company in the world has ever challenged its own customers to prove the company’s product and services were below what is mentioned by us. If you go through our package page we provide all the information related with the package and do not hide any sort of information about the package. Our package page is world’s longest hosting page with all the information that is required for any customer to purchase a product un-biased. If we are not working with ethics why would we mention all the details on the package page? Even after all this there are many who still trust and believe those fake reviews written on the internet whose identity is not know.

Why these negative reviews are posted online?

Domain Expire customers: Few of the customers who have wrote these reviews domains would have expired and you all know that after a domain is expired as a hosting company we won’t be able to provide technical help by which the customer feels that the problem is from our side and show their frustration on these review sites.

Lack of hosting knowledge: Due to lack of hosting knowledge some of the customers fail to understand the issues and the cause of these issues, when we cross checked their issues which had come to our notice these customers had problems related to coding, designing, database connectivity coding, source codes, bulk mailing issues, copy right infringement issues, spam complaint against the domains, using 3rd party free source codes on their website which they are unable to modify. Even if these are been explained to the customers they will not be in a position to understand and show their frustration by posting negative reviews on other sites.

High end features: There were few other customers who wanted features that are not available on shared hosting but available only on dedicated servers. Even if we enable these features on shared hosting other customers who are on the same server will face security issues and we never compromise on security of our customers at any cost. This again did not go well and they wanted to tarnish the company’s image on review websites.

Unable to pay renewal: In the beginning days since we had a close relationship with the users were providing few flexibility to our customer who were unable to renew their hosting account on time and when we approached them to pay the charges after few months they got irritated and showed their anger on these review sites as their account had to be cancelled due to lack of payment.

Misuse: There were a group of customers who wanted to misuse our servers RAM, processor, Hard Disk space, bandwidth etc which would create problems to other shared hosting customers who were on the same servers. When we stopped their misuses they were unable to tolerate and showed their frustration on these review sites.

Overuse: There was few other customers’ who were overusing the services and were unable to pay the overuse charges which lead to cancellation of their hosting account which again cause frustration to them.

Abuse: Certain customers who were unable to understand technical terms due to lack of knowledge were not in a position to implement the resolutions provided by our technical team and started to use abusive words on our staff. As we have a strict rule in our terms of service that no customer can abuse any of our staff for what so ever reason else their account will get suspended. These customers wanted to vent their anger and wrote false statements about the company in anonymous name as we were unable to approach them.

Violation of term of service: As we are following a strict terms of service any customers’ who do not adhere to these terms of service their accounts would be suspended with immediate effect. These customers too wanted to express their anger on these review sites.

3rd party: In most of the cases the actual owner of the website will be different from the ones interacting with us. In a classic example most of the website owners are laymen and will purchase the package from us even before their website is created. These owners provide the access to their designers, developers, programmers, advertisers or mailers. When the package would have been purchased these website owners will not have any idea about the type of webpage they are designing and the supporting scripts which causes communication gap and later when the log in are provided to the designers they call up and demand for support which was never committed or discussed during the time of the package purchase. As we have mentioned in our terms of service that the owner have to consult us before providing the access to other people so that we will be in a position to know who the current owners of the site are since we have a policy in place in which it is mentioned that we would not provide service to 3rd party users of the site. This has also created few miscommunications due to which they have shown their frustration on the review sites.

Reselling: Many customers purchase our package at low cost as we are providing promos and offers and upsell it to others whom we have no knowledge of. When these 3rd parties approach us for service we will not be in a position to provide them with the support. This has also caused frustration against us which we have seen on the review sites.

Due clients: Few customers who always want to enjoy services and take complete advantage of others weakness and skip from paying for the service utilized by them are one more in the list. When we pull our records we approach these customers who are using our services free for many months and since these customers were approached by recovery agencies they got frustrated and wrote statements that are no were close to the truth but never will these customers mention that they never paid for the service anywhere on the reviews.

Wrong contact details: When purchasing the package the customer would have provided which they no longer use after few years and fail to update the same on our systems we keep communicating to these customers on the contact details that we have with us and at no point these customers would receive any communication from our side. For an example; in the beginning stages of the company we provided support through emails, but later we changed it to ticket system, there are still few old customers of ours who are not aware of this and still write emails to resolve their issues and wait for reply, when they do not get support through email they feel that the service is bad. This again is lack of communication which turns out to get aggravated and then shown on the review sites.

Unable to upgrade to the latest technology: There are few clients who are still using the old packages as they are unable to upgrade to the latest technology due to lack of knowledge and scared too. These customers at no point want to move from the old packages and move to the latest as you all know that as technology improves so does the packages too, but these customers do not like to move to the latest technology and keep blaming the service they are using. This again is a classic example of lack of knowledge.

Complaint booking: Company has a complaint booking in place where if any of the customers’ issues are not resolved can approach us and lodge a complaint against the department. If there was any truth in the reviews why have they not approached our complaints department? Each customers issue is personally identified, resolved and updated if a complaint is booked in our complaints booking.

In all these circumstances these users will never write the truth of their inexperience, knowledge and lack of skills and ability of theirs but would make false comments to hamper the branding and goodwill of the company just to overcome their frustration.

In the beginning stages of the company as we were providing more resources at a lesser cost customers accepted the packages and were happy to use our product but during this time there were few users who had no knowledge of hosting were expecting services that would increase the package cost and we were more concentrating on providing the packages at an affordable price. These users who were overusing and abusing the services created huge trouble for all the other good customers and when we put restrictions were unable to continue the service, but these customers after moving from us went to various other hosting providers and understood that we are the best in the industry and now want to come back to us even when our package costing have increased. Now all those customers who left our company want to build relationship with us. When we moved from quantity to quality it was our customers who voted and were ready to pay extra money for quality and according to the customers requirement we provided quality. Company is more focused in providing quality product for our customers and at no point we are behind more customer base. Currently there are several companies who are behind ranking by adding more customers to their company but on the other hand we are working more towards quality with less customer base by which all our customers will get adequate attention and service on the right time. According to our last CRM survey we have 99% overall customer satisfaction. Currently we are driving more towards higher end packages and services for B2B and B2E customers and it is quite obvious if we are not providing quality product and services we will not be in a position to meet the high end requirement of B2B and B2E clients. In the end what we would like to appeal to all our customers and visitors is to use the gift given by God and do your own judgment rather than completely deciding your requirement based on few reviews written on the internet whose identity is not known.

Did we expect negative reviews?

Our start: When the company decided to enter into the hosting market company did huge study of the market, customers, technology, price, competitors etc and then entered into the hosting market. During the start of the company we had decided to provide low cost hosting with more resources and we knew that we would receive negative reviews from variety of audiences as our technology used in the hosting to manufacture the product and the then hosting market and customer’s awareness would earn us more negative reviews.

Release of Unlimited package: When we released the Unlimited web space and bandwidth concept for the first time in the world which in today’s scenario most of the hosting companies national and international alike are using we expected millions of negative reviews as we were the only company in the whole world to provide Unlimited to the customers in those days. But when we looked out we found less than 1% of negative reviews about our company.

Long term packages: When we released long term packages with unlimited concept we knew that we would get lots of negative reviews as most of the business were closed due to our technology and package as many customers started to purchase our package which was a major blow to others.

Customers’ way lead: There was a time when customers were way lead and mis guided by other people who do not have a direct relationship with hosting industry and were charging huge amount to the customers as they had no idea about hosting. When we entered the market we created awareness to the Indian customers and customers became smart through which it was beneficial to our Indian customers but we did expect negative reviews even from those segments.

Overnight millionaire: There were many providers who entered the hosting market to become rich overnight and earn money to fulfill their dreams and ambitions but when these providers saw our packages and website and when many customers’ started to ask these providers to provide packages at a low cost assumed we have hampered their dreams of becoming millionaire overnight. We did expect negative reviews from them.

New companies: Many new companies started their business in the beginning and provided service for a year and couple but due to huge competition and our technology and low cost were unable to stay in the market for a longer duration which made them feel that due to us they were unable to continue their business and blamed us. We expected negative reviews from them.

New technology: Each time a technology is introduced there will be lot of communication gap as the user will not be having experience in handling the technology nor will they be in a position to understand the trouble shooting method even after delivered to them. We expected negative reviews from them.

Survey: In our survey conducted in the past we understood that clients do not choose their packages based on their requirement but choose according to the cost. Lower the cost of the package they choose them which later when they try to use the package will not deliver them the results expected. We had around 250 products in those days for the customers to choose their right package but at no point the customers chose according to their requirement. We knew that we would get negative reviews from them.

Old proverb: There is a popular saying “If there are good fruits on the tree only then people will throw the stones”. This saying hold right in many circumstances, as we did various creative and innovative packages in the hosting market we did get blames which happens to most of the companies those who do something new in their market.

Big brand: Most of the big brand in the hosting industry were unable to sustain in the hosting market during the recession period of 2009 as they had invest huge money on marketing and infrastructure, purchasing new building etc and casted their burden on the customers by increasing the price of the packages and providing less resources packages . During the downtime of 2009 many customers were unable to renew their accounts and these big brands had to decrease their business as the overhead costing was too high for them to sustain. We knew these issues and hence invested only in those segments that would benefit our Indian customers. Our investment were on datacenter, Dell servers, high security resources etc by which we can always provide quality product to our Indian customers at an affordable price. These big brands were unable to bring ideas into the market as they were not in a position to recover from the recession as Indian customers have understood how big brands work.

This article is based only for a reply from the company to all the visitors and viewers of reviews and not to bias their decision. Company would like to mention that any decision taken after by the viewers or the users after reading this article are solely responsible for their own vision.

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