Control cost, focus on core business and impact balance sheet positively

Manage risk, reduce vulnerability to staff changes and resource needs

Focus on technology changes and avoid non-core capital investments

Accelerate speed to market, enable business focus transformation

Access to new skill set and improved quality of service

As consumers demand advanced applications at an ever increasing pace, operators are faced with the challenge of adapting their service offerings and networks to meet these requirements. Manashosting Professional Services is a full service integrator with the ability to plan, build and operate communications networks around the world. When operators choose Manashosting Professional Services for their projects, they will leverage our technical experience and expertise with proven methodologies. Projects will be brought to market with superior quality, on time, in budget, with minimized risk resulting in competitive advantage. Manashosting Professional Services’ expertise in program management, consulting, solutions implementation and solution management assists customers in rolling out next-generation services and ensure an optimal deployment lifecycle.