et attractive and user-friendly web-based product catalogs and increase customers’ online orders! We guarantee you will boost sales without complications.

Why do you need an appealing and easy-to-use web-based product catalogue? It’s proven that e-catalogues are one of the most effective means of product promotion. E-catalogues are the best way for your prospects to learn about your products and services. Plus you don’t have the geographical limits of distribution, since they are available to anyone with an Internet connection.


Electronic brochures are a great way to provide detailed descriptions of your products, as well as showcasing your goods with quality photographs, instill customer confidence with testimonials, and promote special offers and deals. Brochures can be distributed easily to anywhere in the world at anytime, and as often as the customer wants. And best of all, you can track the response to your brochures, and discover what your customers are really interested in.

Our web-based product catalogues are very user-friendly for you and your customers. At Dream Consultancy we know our clients’ needs and provide a full-featured web-based Content Management System for you to add and edit data easily, immediately, with no cost. Our web-based product catalogues provide online access to your database with functionalities that make the process of updating your online catalogue a snap. Adding and modifying items from your e-catalogue is so simple that there’s no need for special programmers or maintenance staff, which saves you time and money.