At Manashosting we ensure that all types of performances related testing is covered of our customers. We help our customers to achieve optimum performance from their IT investments and help then transform their IT into Business Value.

Performance related issues are usually identified only after the launch of the application, but this leads to a high cost associated with fixing them. At Manashosting we get involved with you at a pre-deployment stage. Using our expertise combined with advanced testing tools we help you identify and resolve these issues at an early stage.

If the system is already live our performance testing team will help you identify opportunity for improvement in the existing applications. Our solution will help you not only to identify the problem areas, but our technology experts will also help you identify the source and recommend the optimum remedial action.

At Manashosting our team will help you to improve the performance of your system at any stage of the deployment.

Manashosting offers the following services under Performance Testing.

LOAD TESTING: A process to test the behavior of a system or an application as it approaches the limites of its specification

AGEING TEST: Gauging an application’s performance after a prolonged usage over a period of time.


FAILOVER TEST: Verifiying of redundancy mechanism as an application while the system is under load


SOAK TEST: Running a system at high levels of load for prolonged periods of time


STRESS TEST: trying to break the system under stress by overwhelming or by taking resources away from it


THROTTLE TEST: Testing the application over various bandwidths and checking against different parameters like CPU usage, memory, web application process Disk IO etc