Inefficient networks are responsible for a tremendous amount of lost time, money, productivity, and business. With Truly Creative’s Network Design service, our experts will apply their knowledge and years of experience to ensure your network infrastructure is reliable and scalable with the flexibility to rapidly integrate new and existing technologies.

Because Manashosting knows how to translate business needs into technology needs, you can count on us to design the right network for your business. With expertise in voice, data, wireless, video, and Voice over IP (VoIP), Manashosting will create a robust, but flexible, IT infrastructure that will support your needs and can seamlessly grow with you. Best of all, Manashosting is vendor independent which ensures you receive the best possible solution for your needs without a manufacturer bias.

Network Design Service Features

Whether you are designing a new network from scratch or upgrading an existing network, Manashosting’s Network Design service will ensure your network meets the operational requirements needed to achieve your production and business goals.

Network Assessment. For existing networks, Manashosting’s network engineers will assess your current environment to ensure the architecture and specified components meet your functional requirements. During the network assessment process, Truly Creative’s network engineer will document your network infrastructure, analyze traffic patterns, identify potential bottlenecks and security risks, and provide you with a list of recommendations to improve the performance and reliability of your network.

Design. For new networks or upgrades to existing networks, Manashosting’s network engineers will create a detailed network topology that addresses your feature requirements, current and future traffic levels, security needs, existing infrastructure, and budgetary restrictions – allowing you to achieve the results you want from your technology investment. Within the network design, Manashosting will specify the devices, components, and connectivity required to provide a solid foundation for performance and reliability.

Network Design Service Benefits

By implementing the right networking solution, you can realize: Increased productivity Higher reliability Enhanced performance Lower total cost of ownership Improved flexibility to integrate new technologies