First time in India, Manashosting introduced PEM technology in shared hosting industry. After five years of dedicated work, Parallels with three thousand technician & programmers team developed this technology and several other technician tested the functionality before releasing it to the market. Using PEM technology customer will get reliable, secure and flexible shared hosting account.

PEM has been developed to manage millions of domain hosting account parallely. As this technology has generally been developed for high end customers so obviously quality will be main focus. As this technology has a capacity to manage hundreds of servers at a time hence uptime and speed will be very high compared to other past technology. Plesk control panel was built for small or mid size hosting companies to give average quality, reliability, security, speed and uptime. If any small or mid size hosting company hosts more domains or overloads the dedicated server then theres a high chance for the server to malfunction resulting in unstable services which eventually is a negative point for the customers. Once Manashosting released PEM our 90% call to technical team was reduced. 70% chat request was reduced. 60% new tickets or technical tickets was reduced. Hence nowadays our technical team can focus more on server maintenance and monitoring. As a result our SLA has improved a lot compared to past years. Main advantage of PEM is lot of new and fresh templates which are included along with the website builder. Hence using such site builder one can save the charge of web designing as well.

PEM is more focusing on the security of the server specially on antivirus, anti spam, mass mailing, phishing. Once after its release complaints based on virus, spamming reduced dramatically.


PEM cannot be installed in any ordinary server as its been developed for the maximum quality and output. Hence ordinary server cannot take the load of the the precise architecture of PEM. PEM has specialized harware requirement for high end dell server and similar to such high end facilities. Specially in the shared hosting as the client is sharing the server resources with other customer if any one misuses the server resources it affects the others aswell however PEM technology is maintaining the security in a such fashion that it will restrict from misusing the server space.

Integrating the new plesk to our server has eventually helped in creating the web hosting packages on variety of hosting concept that is quite unique in the current market. Using this new plesk version a web hosting concern can integrate servers based on different platforms which eventually can help the clients to host their domains based on windows and linux including java with associated functionality of tomcat. Multiplatform feature comes into the benefit of resellers as they have customers looking to host domains based on all three above mentioned platforms. Website builder is included in the panel using which a client can easily develop the web page layout. Ready made templates are included in the website builder which a person can opt for while designing the web page layout. Using new plesk packages can be created based on the features like CMS, sharepoint, mail exchange record, saas, etc which are readily available in the panel itself. Even dedicated servers and VPS can be managed using the panel.

Managing multiple units of server using new plesk becomes easier which eventually decides to maintain the load balance of the server space depending upon the saturation level of resource for every server unit. This functionality works automatically and it helps the client domains to get hosted at ease. Manashosting has done a huge investment to bring the worlds latest technology to Indian shared hosting market which eventually has helped Indian customers to get world’s superior quality at reasonable rate. As company invested a huge amount so company would like to maintain the long term relationship with customer by providing security, high uptime and speed and quality. So if any indian customer looking for the long term stability of his website in hosting industry then PEM technology is excellent choice for him/her.



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