Manashosting Company focuses on knowledge management research and semantic development. We succeed in knowledge management consulting and it consulting due to solid experience in strategic consulting and in semantic tools development, intended for information retrieval and knowledge management (KM).

Natural language interface for search engine

Document comparison software

Question-answering system

Document summarizer

Document categorizer tools for information management

Knowledge management services we offer:

Science consulting and it consulting

Semantic research and language tools development

Document and knowledge management technologies

Intellexer SDK integration into existing projects

Knowledge management research and customization of language tools

Knowledge management system transformation

Document circulation management


About Manashosting KM consulting advantages:

Manashosting Consultancy services by Manashosting bring competitive advantages into customer projects.

Our consultancy is effective due to well-organized consulting process and intellectual techniques using

We offer semantic technologies integration and linguistic platform building The TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology application for problem



Knowledge management consulting to enhance profits from client’s projects

Long-term experience in multimedia knowledge bases building

We offer engineering consulting, knowledge management consulting services per


Complex problem solving with semantic tools and scientific knowledge of experts .