Business pressures have created the need to reevaluate your fundamental IT strategy-to move to an interconnected, smarter infrastructure. IT strategy and design consulting services from Manashosing can help you develop a strategic road map that aligns your IT strategy to your business priorities.

With a robust IT strategy, you can:

  • Optimize your environment to reduce costs by up to 50 percent
  • Improve your return on investment and service levels
  • Take advantage of new technologies like cloud

Our consultants have extensive expertise in virtually all domains and industries. They use time-tested methodologies to help you develop the right IT strategy to support your business.

What we offer:

# IT transformation strategy and design

Assess your current environment and develop an IT strategy and road map to improve return on investment.

# Cloud infrastructure strategy and design

Develop a strategy and plan for using cloud within your organization, and use a detailed workload analysis to better understand the benefits of migration.

# Service management strategy and design

Assess, plan and design your IT governance and service management capabilities to create business-focused IT services.

# Middleware strategy and design

Integrate applications, services and platforms with an effective middleware design to improve management, use and cost-effectiveness

# Data center and facilities strategy services

Develop a data center approach that optimizes availability, scalability and agility, while reducing risk

# Strategy and planning for storage

Develop a strategy and road map to streamline operations and reduce costs, positioning your storage environment to support business growth

# Information lifecycle management services

Develop an approach to information management that optimizes storage, improves access and reduces costs

# Workplace infrastructure strategy and planning services

Assess your workplace environment and develop a road map of cost-saving solutions and delivery models to drive efficiency and end-user productivity

# Networking strategy and optimization services

Develop a strategy to establish a more cost-effective networking and communications environment that enhances productivity and supports new technology and business models

# Network infrastructure optimization for cloud computing

Assess your network’s readiness to support cloud computing with an objective analysis of key attributes to help you balance network functionality and cost

# Security governance, risk and compliance services

Evaluate how to better manage IT regulatory compliance and align your security resources with business and operational objectives

# Identity and access management services

Design a standardized, integrated identity and access management solution to help protect your systems, applications and data from unauthorized access

# Cloud security assessments

Identify the security and privacy risks of your cloud solution as well as ways to improve your overall cloud security posture

# Cloud security strategy road map

Build a security-rich cloud strategy that addresses the concerns of your unique cloud initiative

# Resiliency consulting services

Assess, identify and define cost-justified, vendor-neutral risk management solutions to improve business continuity