Are you still adopting the old style when choosing a server? Are you still comparing Processor with Processor, RAM with RAM, Bandwidth with Bandwidth and Hard Drive with Hard Drive? Explore more, think different. At Manashosting we believe in brining changes that would make an impact and leave a mark in the history of hosting industry. For the very first time in the world we bring you the change in choosing servers. Don’t compare servers with its resources only, think different and ask for more. New Mantra in choosing servers at Manashosting “GIVE ME MORE”. Manashosting proudly provides our customers who purchase Indian servers complete solutions that will help business grow which would cost lakhs of Rupees in the market Absolutely Free.

Manashosting has launched Indian Servers for all those customers who are particular about having their servers located in India. Manashosting’s Data center is situated in the prime location of the country with multiple ISP connections, 24/7 power backups, highly secure infrastructure and above all Government approved Data Center. We provide you with an entire hosting resource and setup that will include server resource utilized only by you. This results in a faster loading for your individual web site / application as the entire resources are “dedicated” to you. The resources of this server are not shared with other server. A dedicated hosting server web site makes sense for companies that require higher peak resources and higher data transfer rates.


Advantages of Servers

VPS / Dedicated servers is often considered a step up from shared hosting: when it’s time start supporting heavy traffic and custom applications, many will make the switch to VPS hosting after encountering the limitations of the shared hosting infrastructure. With a VPS and or Dedicated server you can use the total resources allocated to you without having to share it with other users. In server module, you have the total control of the server as you are provided with root access, which enables you to maintain the server as well as install and run any type of software or applications that you require without having to ask the hosting company.

Local Benefits – the benefits of this will be, if someone search from and if your website is well optimized and hosted in Indian sever, the site will be visible in keyword results related to your service searches.

VPS / Dedicated servers are allotted disk space and memory independent of other allocations on the hardware node; while the potential for individual accounts to affect hardware node performance does not exists. The complete resources is your and you can use it without having to worry about other users on the server.

As compared to servers from other locations, servers situated in the same topology helps you to reduce latency when accessing your application or software on the web. Search engine benefits – Search Engine track the website IP, if you are targeting India, you should host your website in Local Indian server to get targeted traffic from India.


Why to Choose Manashosting?