Key Functions

Identity management services for students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. Online IDs for accessing campus online services.

Identity Management infrastructure is a unified authentication and directory service for UC Berkeley. It allows campus units to securely identify their online customers and to properly control who has access to applications and resources.

Authentication – Kerberos, CAS, Key

Directory Services/Authorization – LDAP and LDAP Proxies

InCommon Certificate Service – PKI certificates

Identity and Account Provisioning

User applications – account creation, passphrase reset, account management, directory update

Data integrity

Systems Integration – JMS Messaging

Authentication and Directory services are intended to provide campus departments with a centralized means by which they can validate users who need or wish to access departmental applications, as well as to obtain authoritative information about users.

The infrastructure can be used by applications for the public directory service, lookups, authorization, and authentication. Campus developers are free to download all the necessary components to integrate with central authentication (CAS) and directory components.

Registration is required for CAS access and any non-public data in the directory. Documentation is available from the website.