Earn 99% profit over income without any investment, providing service, server maintenance, server handling, technical support, advertisement, no long term agreement, no employees required. For the first time in Asia Manashosting has launched Hosting Company Alliance. Using Hosting Alliance concept, it will make any individual 1 of the top Hosting Alliance partner of Manashosting. Every person today in the hosting industry would like to become No 1 top Web Hosting Company, with Manashosting you can make this dream come true by becoming Hosting Company Alliance partners

We are the only company in the world who is ready to give 99% share in income, which is on selling price. You can earn up to 99% share as hosting alliance, hence your share in not on profit amount but its on total cost of selling price of one product. For example if the selling price of one product is at Rs 10,000 then directly you make 99% profit, that is Rs 9990 as your income. It’s really an amazing business plan most of the people of the world dream for such a business.

Have you always wanted to start your own company and did finance was the major constraint for you to venture into business? Worry no more with the Hosting Company Alliance concept you can start your own business without investing a single coin, Yes you heard it right no invest but with a profit of 99% on your income read on to know more.

Manashosting has launched “Hosting Company Alliance”. A concept which is introduced for the first time in the hosting industry and is the latest newest concept introduced for the first time in the world, in this concept a Hosting Company Alliance is a person or a company who makes profit by selling to your customers. Wait, did you read it correct? Yes indeed, for selling to your customers you can earn money. No investment, no advertisements, no long term agreement, no marketing, no fuss, you don’t have to provide any sort of support be it billing or technical.

Hosting Company Alliance is a new venture in the segment of web hosting. Web hosting is the next generation in the technology. As there were past technologies such as telephone, hardware, software, animation, designing, networking, internet etc the current era is of web hosting. All these other technologies had and are still playing a very important role to make life easier. These industries had a beginning stage, growing stage, boom stage and a stagnant stage. Now the next generation is hosting. Many companies have come and gone in hosting but only companies who are able to sustain and change upgrade their technology, package and service are standing in the long run of which Manashosting is on the top.

To start a web hosting company and to become successful in this competitive market an individual has to spend crore’s of Rupees and should be able o sustain in this market competing with many big brands national as well as international by providing the latest technology, best packages, high security, organized company structure, expertise employees, in depth knowledge of resources, hardware, marketing, advertisement and huge experience in hosting field with a well recognized company and so on. For a common man who wants to become a leading entrepreneur gaining all these requires huge investment, infrastructure, datacenter, a group of talented and dedicated employees, huge customer following and above all patience.

Manashosting has a vision of creating over 10,000 such companies under its wings in all part of India and later international without having them to invest a single coin. Company’s vision is to provide opportunity to all those individuals to create their own company without worrying about the ceiling when it comes to growth or profit. Since Manashosting started from a 10×10 space we can understand how hard it is to make a company that is popular in the market and fight against all odds and now to be undisputed leader in the web hosting industry. Manashosting would like to provide the maximum benefits to the society by openings its doors to one and all.

Who can become a Hosting Company Alliance and what are the requisites?

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Resellers
  • Web Masters
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • House wife’s
  • A Common Man
  • You

What is Hosting Company Alliance?

A Hosting Company Alliance is a person or a company who will use the branding and name of Manashosting without having to pay a single coin. In this concept there is no long term agreement, no commitment, no investment, no hazel, only profit over the income.

As a hosting company alliance you will be selling all the products of Manashosting to your customers and we will provide technical support and customer care service to your customers. As a Hosting Company Alliance you don’t have to invest a single coin, you start earning when you sell any of the packages to your customers. It’s as simple as that.

What are the requirements?

  • You don’t need investment
  • You don’t need an Office
  • You don’t need employees
  • You don’t need infrastructure
  • You don’t need server knowledge
  • You don’t need to worry about loss

Top 55 key benefits to become Hosting Company Alliance

1. 99% profit on selling price: For the first time ever 99% profit over income can be earned without any investment, server maintenance, no risk factor involved. All you have to do is just sell the packages to your contacts, friends or acquaintance and start to earn profit.

2. 0% investment: In this concept one of the main attractions is the investment, which you have to make is 0. As a Manashosting’s Hosting Company Alliance you don’t have to invest a single coin to start your own business with us.

3. No loss under any circumstance: Since there is 0 investment from your side there are no possibilities to incur any losses whatsoever. This concept of business is introduced for the very first time in the world and we rest assure you that you will be benefited to a greater level of extent compared to any other business that you would have planned to start may be now or in the future.

4. Easy to start: There are no much formalities to start Hosting Company Alliance with us. The procedure is very simple all you have to do is make 10 sales and Rs50000 enter into a simple agreement without any commitment. You will be provided with a Hosting Company Alliance account which we will maintain to track your sales and transaction and you are ready to start. It’s that simple.

5. Easy to exit: Compared to a classic reseller concept, after you have sold the product to your customer you will have to provide them with the service even if you have a single customer under you. But in the Hosting Company Alliance concept since we are taking care of your customer you can make an exit at anytime just by intimating us and we will end your agreement with us without asking a single question. In the mean time your customer will still be getting the service from us there by you can relax.

6. No hard core technical knowledge require: As in the case of a classic reseller, they need to have a depth knowledge about hosting, internet, hosting and software which you don’t need to worry about since you are not providing any sort of technical support to your customers. A basic knowledge of hosting and internet with skills to sell is more than enough for you to run your business successfully as a Hosting Company Alliance.

7. No need to work 10 hour pay day: Even if you are employed by any company a minimum of 9 to 10 hours per day you have to work to meet your targets or to finish the assigned work. In the Hosting Company Alliance you just need to give a little time to talk with your friends or contacts to generate a need for hosting and finish the sale.

8. You can do as part time also: As a Hosting Company Alliance you can work as part time. If you already have a business, or if you are working elsewhere or even if you are a student. All you need to do is spend few hours to sell the hosting packages to your customers. As you are the boss you can choose your own comfort time to work.

9. No long term commitment: As a Hosting Company Alliance you can terminate the agreement at anytime just by informing us. And since Hosting Company Alliance is a 0 investment terminating the agreement is much easier than any other type of business concept available.

10. Agreement between two party: To become a Hosting Company Alliance all you need is just an agreement after you have sold 10 package and Rs50000. This agreement will be signed by Manahsosting and you as the party. This agreement gives you the security of returns and reliability through which you can be comfortable and sure that you will get what we have promised. If you are a classic reseller you purchase a package and in turn sell it to your customers there is no agreement between you and the company and there are no guaranteed returns. You should make an initial investment to purchase a reseller package. As a Hosting Company Alliance you have more power and confidence than basic reseller.

11. Mutual understanding: Since the Hosting Company Alliance is a new concept as a company we will be providing as much as help required by different methods as you keep growing. As Manashosting already is known in the hosting industry for various achievements and have provided the best and innovative product to its customers.Now as an Hosting Company Alliance we will still follow to have mutual understanding between Hosting company alliance and us.

12. Sharing information: As a company we will share all the changes with our Hosting Company Alliances about the latest in technology, upcoming trends, hot updates in the hosting industry, market research, technology, competitors, customer behavior and more which will help you to generate more returns from your alliance that you have with us. These information will help you to have a stabilized and better career in web hosting field.

13. -24X7 technical support: We will provide your customers with 24X7 technical support. We help our Hosting Company Alliances to build their business and concentrateonly on selling while we provide your customers support 24X7. In a classic reseller concept a reseller needs to provide technical support 24X7 to his customers and there are very less time for them to concentrate on sales.

14. Accounting: To manage our Hosting Customer Alliance account we will have exclusive Accounts Manager to maintain and record all your details along with your customers’ details too. This will help you to a greater extent only to concentrate solely on selling thereby removing the burden from your shoulders while you still make profit over income.

15. Online awareness seminar: Manashosting will be providing our Hosting Company Alliances online awareness seminars which will give a different view about the real online scenario and also provide you with the skills and ability to know the depth of online and hosting at the same time.

16. New update of market: Manashostng would be sharing the latest updates of the market with our Hosting Company Alliances which will help our Alliances to change their course of action or choose a better segment available from us to provide solution to your customers. These updates will also help our Alliances to keep them self aware of the latest trends in the hosting market.

17. New version and technologies upto date: As a company Manashosting is always known for its cutting edge latest technology which it provides to its customers. Now since you as a Hosting Company Alliance you would be selling products of Manashosting all the products will be provided with latest technology and versions which will provide you more relaxation and can face the competition without having to worry about the competitor or their products.

18. Use our branding as your: Since you will become Hosting Company Alliance you will be given the privilege to use Manashosting’s brand as yours. In other words you will be Manashosting to your customers and all the long term branding that the company has will be bestowed on you without having to pay any royalty as the case in other types of business.

19. How to sell technique: As a Hosting Company Alliance basic sales knowledge is more than enough for you to join us but after you have joined with us as a Hosting Company Alliance we will provide you techniques that are totally unique, different and acceptable in the market which your customers would adopt and help you increase your sales in a short span of time.

20. Our creative and innovative idea will be yours: Each package or each solution Manashosting provides to its customers are filled with passion, zeal, interest, innovation and with creativity now these will automatically be users once you become a Hosting Company Alliance again ree of cost without investing a single coin.

21. Secret, how to beat competition: All the Hosting Company Alliance who have crossed few levels of sales will be provided with a detail insight or secrets how t beat the competition in the field of hosting no matter how big or strong your competitors are. These secrets will give you more confidence and will help you to do business peace of mind an concentrate only on sales.

22. You can sell new products: Manashosting is known for launching new products which creates a swing in the web hosting market and after which many other web hosting companies adopt them as theirs. Now you as a Hosting Company Alliance you can sell these new products and reach them to your customers even before other hosting companies get to your local ground.

23. Some product before we will start to sell you can sell: There are various products which we release in the market only after various steps that are involved to the local market but as a Hosting Company Alliance we give the freedom to you to sell even those packages which we have not sold to any of the customers.

24. Your opinion creative idea we will make it investment to implement in hosting market: As a part of the company if you have any ideas, suggestions, techniques or;though that is unique and creative when you communicate with us if we are satisfied with your opinion and if that is beneficial to the customers Manashosting will invest in making your dreams come to reality.

25. We will guide you how to approach client to make more sales: With plenty of years experience in Sales and Marketing, Manashosting will guide you to approach your clients along with techniques that will provide maximum conversion to help you boost your sales.

26. Competition: Even though there are several competitions in different levels of hosting market which is a nightmare to classic resellers at all point of their career is no more applicable to you as Manashosting’s Hosting Company Alliance.

27. Market research: To sell a any product an in depth market research is required and gaining the market knowledge comes through various researches and long timeexperience, as Manashosting had been in the market of hosting for close to a decade’s time we will take care of the market research and only then produce apackage which creates a revolution in the market. Hence as a Hosting Company Alliance of Manashosting market research will be shared with you after you have reached to a level where you have to know about the market.

28. Communication skills: Manashosting will train you with the terminology of hosting and the jargons used in hosting industry to make your sales increase in a wink of an eye. These communication skills training will be provided after you have been a Hosting Company Alliance for a while where you would have doubts about th words used in the market when you are interacting with your customers.

29. Basic trouble shooting: When you are selling a web hosting package you should have few simple common issues answers that a customer would face during the initialset up due to lack of awareness. Manashosting will train you since you are our Hosting Company Alliance few common fixes that will help you to fix basic issues andcreate awareness and thereby will also increase trust in the with your customer which will help you to sell more.

30. Customers frequently asked questions: After becoming a Manahosting Hosting Company Alliance we will also provide you the most common questions a customerwould ask you before purchasing a hosting package or after purchasing a package. These questions are very common amongst the customers who purchase hostingpackages but at the same time not many companies representatives know the answers to. Since we are in the hosting industry for a long time, we know whatcustomers want and what they ask which we will provide you to boost your sales.

31. Audio/ Video/ PPT/ PDF training material: TO make your Hosting Company Alliance concept a very successful venture Manashosting would provide you with trainingmaterials that would help you to know various aspects of hosting which will help you to communicate with confidence to your customer no matter how technical savvythey may be and still they would be impressed by the way you have provided them with the solution for their hosting requirement.

32. You can sell VPS/VDS/Dedicated Server/SaaS and all the other packages which the company has: As a Hosting Company Alliance you have the freedom to sell all the packages right from shared hosting to VPS/VDS/Dedicated Server/SaaS etc to your customers. There is not restriction on the type of package that you can sell to your customers. Each of the package have their own characteristics which you can use to sell it to your customers as per their requirement.

33. Our expertise and experience: Each Hosting Company Alliance of Manashosting have the freedom to use the expertise and experience of the company since they are a part of the company to utilize it for their growth. All the achievements done by the company are yours and all the packages the company has ever created or going to create will be your to sell. In other words each and every aspect of Manashosting will be linked to you since you are our Hosting Company Alliance.

34. Financial freedom: All levels of business have finance involved in them as fixed capital and floating capital to run the business, but Hosting Company Alliance is the only business where you don’t require any finance. The best aspect of this concept is that you take your commission before paying to us. You have total freedom in the size that you would like to grow.

35. Independent decision making: As a business person in many cases you will not be the deciding authority but with Hosting Company Alliance you take your decisionsyou are the boss and no you don’t report to any one nor any will ask for your targets.

36. Easy to face any type of competition: Since you are been backed by Manashosting you can be rest assured to face any sort of competition since Manashosting is already accepted as undefended leader In the India hosting market for several years.

37. Easy techniques to handle first level of customer relation: For each of our Hosting Company Alliance we will provide you with techniques and skills to handle your customers easily by you.

38. Earn more as you sell more: In the concept of Hosting Company Alliance, your income and the percentage totally depends on your sales, more you sell more you earn profit again at the freedom of your time.

39. Freedom of growth: Growth in hosting field is enormous and since hosting is a budding field in India unlike any other western countries it becomes easy for all those who enter with a concept like Hosting Company Alliance where there is only 0 investment and the boom of hosting is at hand your growth is totally in your hands rather than someone else deciding your growth.

40. No need to handle control panel: Your customers will be provided with control to use their hosting accounts and they will manage the control panel and FTP. Each customer of yours will get the resources specified in each of the packages with the setup instruction. As a Hosting Company Alliance you need not worry about the maintenance of the control panel.

41. No need to create packages on your own: As in the case of classic reselling a reseller will purchase a package and in turn will create packages based on his customers requirement and those packages needs to be the best to compete with big brands but as a Hosting Company Alliance you need not worry about creating a package since you can sell all the packages available with Manashosting that has created a huge demand in the Hosting industry.

42. Freedom to sell any packages which the company has: As you are a part of the company, you have all the freedom to sell all the packages which the company has to your customers.

43. Always up to date with the latest resources and packages: Since Manashosting believes in providing only the best resources and packages that would create a revolution to the market you can be reset assured when It comes to the latest resources and best packages which no other hosting company can beat and now as a Hosting Company Alliance you can sell these to your customers.

44. Wide acceptance in your local market: As you are proving the best packages with latest technology and working under a brand name Manashosting which has been widely accepted in your local market your sales will become more easy for you and all the customers will purchase from you for the simple fact that you would be selling the package at cost that is lesser than what we provide to customers to whom we sell.

45. Working with a brand that is close to 10 years old: Its always easy to work with a brand name that has been in a particular field for a very long time plus with Manashosting its just not the years in the hosting industry it’s also the uniqueness, creativity, and various first time inventions which the company has done in allthese years will give you a easy flow as a Hosting Company Alliance.

46. Using cutting edge technology: Since Manashosting is always in the front run with respect to technology and latest inventions each package produced from Manashosting is totally unique in all aspects and it would be easy for you as a Hosting Company Alliance to make a difference as compared to the classic reseller concept.

47. Using world’s latest control panel: Our high selling product comes with the latest control panel called as PEM which is used only by top 10 hosting companies in the world and Manahsosting is the first in Asia.

48. Maximum benefits during the time of hosting boom: As hosting is in its growing stages now and just in few years will come to its peak or otherwise also known as boom stage all those who are associated with this industry will surely be profited for a greater extent just like what happen in other technology sectors such as phone, hardware, software, etc.

49. Secure career and income till the time of your retirement: With the Hosting Company Alliance concept your career is totally secure since this is an industry very essential for online companies and ecommerce and many are going to create their own websites and since you are associated with hosting industry your career becomes more secure. Even after you have stopped selling you can get your share of revenue when your customers are renewing their accounts with us and you take your share of profit and then pay us the rest.

50. Insecurity about the future: The insecurity what an ordinary person would face in their life will not come close to you as you are the Hosting Company Alliance of Manashosting and till the time you have made your market and maintained it all your dreams can come into reality.

51. Maximum profit: As the concept is of 99% profit over the income which means for an example if the cost of the package is Rs5000 you take 99% of the money after you have reached the slab of 99% and pay the rest to us.

52. Assured income for long time: As the hosting industry is here to stay for long as internet and websites are alive you as a Hosting Company Alliance have a guaranteed long term income and security for your life and all those associated with you.

53. Respect in the society: Since you are in the IT related industry your friends, relatives and family will respect you since you are into an industry that is always latest,long standing and respectable just like others professionals such as a doctor or an engineer.

54. You can work from home at your leisure: As a Hosting Company Alliance you have the freedom to work from anywhere that is comfortable for you and where you call it special. This freedom is not provided in any type of other businesses and as mentioned earlier with 0% investment this is the only business that will give you the freedom to do what you like and from where you want to work since Manashosting is handling all the other aspects from backend.

55. You are the boss of your business: Every one like to be the boss of their own business and in this competitive world it’s becoming more complicated since investment gives an individual a big question mark to start a business but as a Hosting Company Alliance you are free to full fill your dream of becoming the next Steve Jobs or Bill gates or Narayan Murthy or any of your favorite business icon. Manashosting is providing you a chance to fulfill your dreams and have your own business and becoming your own boss.

How to become Hosting Company Alliance?

To become a Hosting Company Alliance, firstly you need to do a minimum of 10 sales and Rs50000 this will be the eligibility criteria. You need to fill the below form to get registered as a Hosting Company Alliance, we will create an account for you with us and we will manage it for you. After you have made the required sales you will be eligible to gain your revenue mention in the package, after collecting the money from your customers and before you could pay us you can retain your commission and pay Manashosting the balance. For example if the package cost is Rs5000 and you are receiving 99% commission then you pay Manashosting only Rs50 and the rest is your profit over income. The steps are very simple all you have to do is register with us as a Hosting Company Alliance and meet the sales criteria, enter an agreement, collect money from your customers and after taking your commission pay us the rest. Have you ever thought business will be this simple and you would be making up to 99% profit over income? What are you waiting for, fill the form and start to sell as Manashosting’s Hosting Company Alliance right now.

All you need to become a Hosting Company Alliance is your contacts. As we all know in today’s scenario more than 85% from the total population use mobile phones and more than 35% of the population have their online presence either with a website, profile or an email id and all these places you have contacts or friends in their your contact list. Manashosting is giving a opportunity to you to utilize these contacts that are in your phone book, social networking, friends list or those in your email address book to generate money and to build a company of your own with 0% investment and be a part of a successful industry with a successful company to make your life more secure, to generate huge revenue till the end of your career life and to use the upcoming hosting industry boom. Have you ever though starting your own company can be this simple? At Manashosting everything is possible. We create things with uniqueness, creativity and a long time projects such as this that is totally different from the rest. Now, when you are becoming a Hosting Company Alliance, all that Manashosting has done in the past and all that it will do in the future the reputation, branding, market acceptance, creativity, passion, technology, achievements etc are a part of you. As a Hosting Company Alliance you get all these free which you can utilize for your growth.

What are the difference between Classic Reseller and Hosting Company Alliance

Classic Reseller Hosting Company Alliance?
  • You are called as parent Hosting Company.
  • You are the owner without any investment
  • Buying a package from parent company and Reselling It to your local customers
  • It’s a Business to Business deal there will be no hierarchy like parent Hosting Company, reseller, sub reseller, customer etc
  • 24X7 Technical support has to be provided by you.
  • You don’t have to worry about server ,data center , technical support investment and monthly expenditure, we will give all support from our side to your customer.
  • As renew will come every month so you Cannot stop the business at anytime.
  • Can terminate your agreement anytime and we will take care of your all client to give support
  • After business is closed no generation of profit
  • Even after terminating service you will get profit when your customer renew their package
  • Too much competition in the hosting industry by that u have reduce your selling price again and again and you have your quantity of package with quality by that your profit margin reduce repeatedly
  • Competition free since Manashosting handles this for you
  • It will take few years to build your brand in the market for which you have to do huge investment in marketing.
  • Brand is already built and is recognized from a long time.
  • Customer trust in the initial stage is tough
  • Customer has already accepted Manashosting in the market from long time so it will easy for you to win the trust of customer to make a sale.
  • Reseller can not create sub reseller under him due to limitation in his hosting control panel
  • You can sell as many as reseller package you want.
  • You must have technical experience to manage client and main reseller control panel. If you don’t have experience you can not manage your clients and by one wrong click all the sites of your customers’ will face downtime.
  • Here you no need to take a headache to manage the control panel or manage your client control panel every thing we will manage for you.
  • By purchasing 10 GB or 100 GB web space reseller package how can you provide your client unlimited hosting package?
  • Here you sell as number of unlimited packages because it will calculate user wise, not web space, bandwidth or domain wise.
  • Every time new package will be launched in the market and every month selling price competitor will reduce in this scenario it becomes difficult to compete as a Reseller
  • You will be tension free about the packages, competition and the price since we take care of these segments in the best manner
  • Big international brand will invest billions of dollars in TV and internet marketing, how can you as a reseller outrun them in marketing and from where you will invest that much money?
  • As a Hosting Company Alliance, you don’t have to invest a single coin since you will be selling all the packages that Manashosting has.
  • Every End of month you have tension to pay your reseller fee, all employee salary, building rent, utility bill and other expenditure. If you unable to sell single hosting package on that month then also you have to pay all the bills.
  • No need to pay a single coin to anybody even if your sell is zero in that month.
  • As a reseller you have to spend a minimum of 12-15 hours a day and also provide free technical “support to your customers 24*7*365”
  • Right from the time your customers purchase the product we take care of the technical support and other services. You can work in your own leisure.
  • If there are any major technical issues which is not under your control, you should approach your hosting company find out when it would be fixed and later approach your clients and update them.
  • Since we are handling technical issues of your customers they will directly interact with us and won’t bother you for support.

In this competitive market of hosting and during the upcoming hosting boom many international companies will enter Indian market with huge volume of investment and big advertisements with packages that are beyond the reach of a normal reseller. Keeping this in mind, Manashosting would like to help all the reseller during this time and have launched Hosting Company Alliance. If you are a normal reseller you would not be left with many options. Following are the 3 options available for a reseller

  • As a general reseller competing with all the big brands national and international is difficult since these big brands invest huge volume of money and also provide packages that cannot be provided by a general reseller.
  • General reseller unfortunately windup there business after being in the hosting industry for such a long period
  • You can upgrade your business with Manashosting as a Hosting Company Alliance with 0 % investment and 99% profit on income.

Hosting Company Alliance Package

Sales number Returns in %
Above 2500 99%
Above 1000 90%
Above 500 75%
Above 101 50%
51-100 40%
26-50 35%
10-25 25%

Due to the high demand that Manashosting gained for the concept of Hosting Alliance™ and Hosting Company Alliance™, Manashosting has launched two new brands exclusively for customers seeking an Alliance with Manashosting. Customers from the Asia region can visit www.hostingalliance.asia and customers from rest of the world can visit www.hostingcompanyalliance.com for more details and updates with Hosting Alliance™ concept or Hosting Company Alliance™ concept.

Hosting Company Alliance™ and Hosting Alliance™ are property of Manashosting registered under the Trademark Act of India and any misuse of these trademarks will be sorted legally in the Honorable court of Bangalore jurisdiction. All the expenses of the court proceeding will be bored by the defaulter which will include and not limited to; lawyer’s fees, stamp duty, court fees, compensation etc. This is to safe guard the interest of the online user and also helps to maintain best practices and ethics. As a company we promote best practices and help all our users to enjoy their individual rights and privilege not being biased.