Manashosting has built a wealth of experience and know-how about succesful mass deployment of authentication projects. Manashosting puts this expertise at its customers’ disposal allowing you to diversify your services from your competitors’, to focus on your core business and to lighten the supply chain burden.

Manashosting Fulfillment Services offers banks and financial institutions a turnkey solution for:

the branding and customization of authentication products and collaterals

the management and extension of the products’ life cycle

personalization and provisioning

storage and dManashostingribution

Fulfillment Offering

Branding and customization

Every type of device (both hardware & software) can be personalized.

can be branded with your company’s logo, name, colors, URL, slogan etc.

A customization guide offers you various options to personalize the keypad, lens, housing etc. allowing you to select different customization features to build a branded image.

Manashosting’s experienced design team will guide you to offer you the best possible branding options. DManashostingtal mockups and prototypes will be presented for review and approval.

Customized and ecological packaging

Our packaging options vary from non-personalized packaging to highly customized color packages produced in alternative (leather, metal…) or ecological materials.

comes in a standard white box but is customizable with specific colors, company logo, additional text and an extra cut-out for the serial number.

Personalization and provisioning

Any can be personalized according to the parameters as approved by your security department. Secrets stored in hardware are provisioned through widely approved and audited processes. A key sharing process is also proposed to reduce any risk of internal fraud. Advanced encryption methods are used for communicating initial PIN and unlock codes to your security department.

PIN mailers can also be produced and dManashostingributed by Manashosting. They can be sent to a central location, your branch offices or even to individual end-users.


Manashosting can offer you a tailor-made refurbishment scheme in order to prolong the lifetime of your hardware devices. Many banks have a company policy based on economical or ecological considerations and want to protect their initial investment to the maximum. For all these customers Manashosting can offer a tailor-made refurbishment scheme.


Manashosting DManashostingribution Services handle the dManashostingribution of your orders. Your order will be delivered to a central location, your branch offices or individual end-users.

Manashosting has a full service dManashostingribution and fulfillment center in Belgium with fully automated facilities equiped with the latest state-of-the-art inserting systems.

Depending on the region, Manashosting collaborates with postal services or handling companies and will always negotiate the best price conditions for the expected delivery period.

Shipping of your order also includes handling services such as adding a personalized letter, manual or marketing gadget or organizing follow-up mailings.