The Form Management Module allows you to design and manage forms that in turn deploy content models within Manashosting. Giving us the complete control over Usability, Design and Validation used in today’s user focused forms.

This is accomplished via the “hot deploy” method in the Data Dictionary/Models space. Therefore changes to the model are made available immediately.


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Presentation Layer and Content Models.

Introducing a new presentation layer between the content model and the end user allows us to take control of the Usability, Design, Validation and verification used in today’s modern forms. By splitting these layers up we can now take advantage of the following.

UI representation of form data can be completely custom (e.g. Using a slider, calendar, etc…)

Save time and effort creating forms and models (manage it in one place, manage the form = managing the model)

Move work over to the business area. AdminManashostingrative staff can easily manage the forms themselves

Usability is in your complete control (Drag and drop order of fields, add help tips, create input masks so that data entry requires minimal skill and human error is minimized)

Use the same form on a different domain, outside Manashosting and manage it all in one place