• We work with clients to develop and implement online survey solutions that are strategic and appropriate to the business. We help you harness the power of customer feedback!
  • By designing a customer experience evaluation program for your business, we get you understanding the real voice of your customer.
  • We make it easy because we do the work for you!
  • The customer experience evaluation is a critical first step in gaining a clear understanding what your customers experience when interacting with your business.
We are strongly committed to a strategic and practical approach. Our processes are designed to build evaluation capacity in organizations and assist clients with their evaluation process. Subject to individual requirements, these may include:

  • Clarification of the brief and scoping stakeholder information needs to ensure the evaluation is valued and useful.
  • Development of the evaluation plan and design of appropriate methodology and questions.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection from a range of identified sources, groups and stakeholders to ensure a rich picture emerges from which decisions can be based.
  • A range of information-rich reports from our award winning survey system, and raw survey data for further analysis.
  • Interpretation of reports and formulation of recommendations.
What we do for you
Information you need in customized reports delivered right to your fingertips Time to focus on running your business Savings in time and money that you don’t have to invest to develop your own evaluation program Security in knowing your customers have a consistent and reliable feedback forum, and the information they give you is secure


What you get…
Create a customer experience evaluation program that suits your business needs Host an easy to use evaluation on an exclusive web portal for your customers to access Manage the resulting customer data for you Provide you with useful customer experience evaluation results monthly Focus on capturing the true experience of your customers.


Evaluation Solutions is a consultancy specializing in evaluation, surveys and online tools for corporate, education and public sector clients. Our online survey software system provides an end-to-end survey process to assist organizations to meet their information collection needs and drive continuous improvement and accountability.

Our consulting projects typically involve the design and development of survey tools and instruments, survey implementation, and comprehensive data analysis and reporting of results. Projects include 360-degree feedback, organizational culture and staff surveys, program evaluation and social research. In addition to delivering online survey solutions, our projects often involve mixed-method data collection including paper-based surveys, word surveys, phone surveys and door-to-door data collection. We also utilize focus groups and structured interviews where appropriate to collect qualitative in-depth input.


Consulting Corporate Diagnostic Tools Online Survey Tools
We are committed to working with you to develop and implement online survey solutions that are strategic, practical and effective. We provide a range of specialized survey instruments focused on performance management, leadership, and corporate governance. e-valuate-IT®, our award winning online survey platform, provides an intuitive and user-friendly end-to-end survey solution.
CONSULTING includes:

  • Survey implementation
  • 360-degree feedback



  • Board self-assessment
  • Needs assessment
  • Culture


PLATFORM includes:

  • Self-managed system
  • Survey customization
  • Off-line reports


WORKSHOPS include:

  • User Training
  • Essentials of Survey Design
  • Getting Started with Evaluation