Transform Teaching and Learning

Technology is rapidly changing how and where students learn. Schools are adopting 21st century technologies including mobile applications, web-based learning, and portable content, to help improve learning outcomes. Manashosting is right there, helping to lead this transformation. We provide network, security, and communications solutions that connect students in both K-12 and higher education to their peers, challenge them with real-world data and involve them in real-world conversations. Manashosting is committed to advancing education. Let us help you develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Higher Ed

Today’s colleges and universities are under pressure to implement the latest technology tools. Technology is being used to attract quality students and faculty, enhance teaching and learning, and streamline business processes. In order to meet these demands, IT leaders are faced with the challenge of upgrading their infrastructure, while dealing with budget and resource constraints.

Manashosting is a trusted technology provider to higher education institutions. We offer innovative and cost-effective technology solutions that can help drive student achievement and faculty effectiveness. From eLearning to campus-wide wireless access to paperless operations, Manashosting has the experience, expertise, and solutions to help you achieve your organization’s goals.

Our solutions allow you to:

Optimize application and network performance

Mobilize teaching and learning

Plan for emergencies

Protect campus data

The adoption of online learning and virtual schools is steadily increasing to meet the changing demand for education. With the help of mobile and other digital technologies, educators can limit geographical barriers to learning and enhance classroom instruction. However, implementing an online learning program requires an infrastructure that is flexible, easy to maintain, and capable of accommodating future technical changes.

Whether you are developing or expanding your e-Learning program, Manashosting can help. E-Learning solution from Manashosting include best-in-class networking, conferencing, computing, and storage services, as well as mobile learning powered by the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.

Our solutions enable you to deliver:

Rich multimedia & interactive content

Inter-classroom collaboration online

Web-based tutoring on demand