Brand new program for domain resellers exclusively, register domains individually or in bulk. Various levels have been created to help domain resellers to improvise their business as they grow. With the domain reseller enterprise plan they get loads of free stuff which can be either used to provide to their customers or can be used by the domain resellers themselves. Any domain reseller would like to provide to their customers these free products which will help them to build a long lasting relationship and future benefits which can be gained by the domain resellers. We know well that a domain reseller cannot go in search of these free stuffs which can be provided to their customers just by becoming a reseller with us. To make it easier to choose, we have separated the levels into three. In each level domain reseller can enjoy all the benefits listed, plus they are also eligible to enjoy the lower level benefits as well. For example if a reseller has opted for level 3, they will be entitled to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in level 1 and 2 along with their level 3 benefits, if a reseller opts for level 2, they will be entitled to enjoy all the benefits of level 1 along with their level 2 benefits.

More the number of domains being registered more the benefits. In addition as a domain reseller you can also sell all the products listed on the website, like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers etc , on monthly plan to your customers without having you having to provide technical support as service will be provided by a third party. This will save your time, effort and cost of providing service after sales

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Level 1

  1. Pre-Registrations on all new TLDs Don’t miss out on customer interests accept pre-orders even before the TLDs goes live and make higher margins
  2. Domain auctions
  3. Sell your product worldwide with all various type of currency will support your control panel with multiple language
  4. Reseller authorize certificate
  5. free antivirus software for your pc
  6. SSL free for each domain registered by us
  7. Back order domain selling facility
  8. domain parking page show advertisement to get extra income
  9. How to register premium domain name which is very costly and how to resell.
  10. Written agreement with the reseller that we will not take your domain register client or your sub reseller or hosting client. This agreement will bring trust between both parties.
  11. Woofoo advertisement marketing coupon Rs5000
  12. 1hour training how to create super site for your client
  13. 1 hour training how to create partner site for your reseller
  14. 1 hour training how to resell other SSL and webhosting product in your control panel
  15. 1 hour training how manage your customer reseller and promo
  16. 1 hour training how to do PayPal integration to collect money online and do instant domain registration
  17. You can sell windows and Linux share hosting and VPS , email solution, website builders, SSL
  18. WHMCS billing software is free
  19. Rs50 less cost price compare to market domain price level1 , if .com domain price is Rs500 then our reseller will get in Rs450 from us
  20. You can create domain and hosting sub reseller under your reseller account
  21. Sell VPS to your client start with 15$ per month
  22. Sell reseller hosting to your sub reseller start with $9 per month
  23. You can sell Indian server and Indian vps and Indian share hosting also
  24. Get 25 % discount from hosting migration
  25. Create Your Wishlist – Allow your customers to filter new TLDs by category and sign up for updates for launch progress.
  26. Revamped Check Availability -New TLDs now have more visibility on check availability results. Name spinner just got smarter, and suggests both domain phrase and the TLD.
  27. 700 new TLDs – new released more than 700 new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) as part of its New gTLD Program, to counter namepool shrinkage, language and other limitations. This marks the beginning of the largest-ever expansion of the Domain Name System. New gTLDs will make way for thousands of new domain extensions including commonly used terms like .shop .recipe, .construction, .photography, .club etc, which will give domain name buyers the option to choose from thousands of relevant, targeted domain extensions
  28. Create website through SMS, send SMS and create your website
  29. 1000 software
  30. 1 hour training for how to transfer domain
  31. Transfer high size files for free
  32. Maintain Back-up online
  33. 1000 Free Source Codes
  34. 1000 Free SEO Tools
  35. 500 Free PC Based Software
  36. 500 Free Web Based Software
  37. Email Security Tips
  38. Web Based Security Tips
  39. PC Security Tips
  40. Keyword Suggestion Software to increase website ranking
  41. HTML Optimizer software
  42. HTML Encrypt software
  43. HTML Editors software
  44. Digital Photo Tools to add photos on your website
  45. Currency converter for your website software
  46. Back link Checker software
  47. Real time and historical performance statistics of your Website
  48. Web Protection Software
  49. PC Health Check Up software
  50. 10% off on all Cloud Servers sold by you
  51. 20% off on all Mail Exchange Server sold by you
  52. Website Protection Software (To Protect your website from External Attack)
  53. High level Email Protection to provide to your corporate clients
  54. 10% off on all VPS sold by you
  55. 15% off on all Dedicated Server sold by you
  56. Tips for CRM Centralization which will help you to gain more corporate clients for your business
  57. Domain Health Check Up software
  58. Website Health Check Up software
  59. Website Navigation Analysis Report
  60. Site map Designing for one Domain (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  61. Mobile Secure Access
  62. Web services API
  63. Content Writing reselling 10% off
  64. Mobile Website reselling 15% off
  65. Web Marketing techniques

Level 2

  1. Rs100 less cost price compare to market domain price
  2. newsletter will send to 1,00,000 mail id will send to increase your domain sales
  3. Site lock
  4. Website builder free for all domain register by you from us
  5. Free SMO of Rs25,000 manual
  6. top hosting company in India website your company will list and rank will given on basis of your domain selling
  7. 50 3rd party hosting company directory we will list your company for domain selling
  8. Written agreement we will give that we will not take your domain register client or your sub reseller or hosting client.
  9. Google advertisement free coupon code Rs2500 + yahoo marketing coupon 3000
  10. Ccaveneue payment gateway u will get free on 11 month onwards to get Indian currency from Indian client with Indian bank with integration training for your domain control panel
  11. Singapore and USA trip free to attend webhosting and domain seminar for 2nd slab resellers who will register minimum of 100 domain per month and an agreement for 3 year. If 100 domains are not registered minimum a fine of Rs2500 would be imposed.
  12. With Every Domain, Your Customers Get 2 Email Addresses FREE Domain/Mail Forwarding FREE DNS Management
  13. 100 Social Networking Tools
  14. Website robot software (Web Builder, Blog Tool, Shopping Cart, Online Photo Album)
  15. Free PC Antivirus Software for 1 Year
  16. How to increase Traffic on your Website Techniques
  17. Database Security Tips
  18. Branding and Goodwill Tips for your Websites
  19. How to add Search Engines to your Website Tips
  20. Link Popularity
  21. Social Scanner
  22. SEO Tutorials
  23. 10 Web page Content Writing by our Expert Content Writer (Worth of Rs 25,000)
  24. SSL
  25. 20% off on Reseller Hosting Package
  26. 10 Domains Registration free for 1 year (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  27. 50 SEO Submission Manually by our Expert (Worth of Rs 10,000)
  28. SEO Consultation Report to improve your Website Ranking – manual report (Worth of Rs 1,00,000)
  29. URL Attacks Scanner
  30. Tiny Mobile Website 20% off
  31. Reliance 3G tab (1GB) (Worth of Rs 13,000)
  32. LG HT502 SH Home Theatre 500 Watts RMS (Worth of Rs 14,000)
  33. 1000 Manual Directory listing one time (Worth of Rs 50,000)
  34. 10 Scripting page Designing (Worth of Rs 25,000)
  35. Company Logo and one Banner Designing (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  36. 10 GB Back Up space free (Worth of Rs 20,000)
  37. Mobile Antivirus
  38. Website Audit report free
  39. Creating one video tutorial page for your website by our Expert (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  40. Trust Seal for one Domain
  41. MacAfee Antivirus Software for 1 Year 1 licensed version for 3 users (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  42. 25% discount on all the Dedicated Server that you sell

Level 3

  1. Rs150 less cost price compare to market domain price level3
  2. Ecommerce site designing for your hosting site free wroth of 5 lakhs
  3. 3rd level we will create complete hosting company website for you worth of Rs10 lakhs
  4. 50,000 templates
  5. Free manual SEO for domain reseller 50,000 manual worth of Rs 50,000
  6. Written agreement we will give that we will not take your domain register client or your sub reseller or hosting client.
  7. Meet with key person of Manas hosting to discus for future plan of hosting industry
  8. 3rd slab for 5 year agreement and per month minimum domain registration
  9. Nano car free for 3 rd level domain reseller and the end month of the agreement
  10. Promo vouchers from Shoppers stop, Big Bazaar etc (Worth of Rs 50,000)
  11. 50% Discount on Unlimited Linux/ Windows Package
  12. 10% off on Mail Exchange Server
  13. 15% off on SaaS
  14. 1 hour Hosting Training by our Expert over phone (Worth of Rs 25,000)
  15. Digital Camera Olympus 12 Mega pixel (Worth of Rs 6,000)
  16. Philips Mix 2GB Mp3 (Worth of Rs 3,000)
  17. Kodak Pulse Touch screen Photo Frame (Worth of Rs 9,000)
  18. Epson All-In-One Printer (Worth of Rs 4,000)
  19. Quantum 16MP Webcam With Mic (Worth of Rs 1,250)
  20. iPod Nano 8GB (Worth of Rs 8,000)
  21. Sony Pen Drive 4GB (Worth of Rs 695)
  22. Wireless mouse for Lap top (Worth of Rs 500)
  23. Bluetooth Speaker Sony Ericsson HCB-108 (Worth of Rs 2,000)
  24. 10 Words Guaranteed Top Ranking on Search Engines for one year (Worth of Rs 1,00,000)
  25. 100 Web Pages Designing one time (Worth of Rs 2,00,000)
  26. Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Recorder (Worth of Rs 5,000)
  27. Sony NEX-VG10E Handy cam (Worth of Rs 10,000)
  28. Malware & Spyware Scanner for 1 Year
  29. Dedicated Account Manager for 1 Year (Worth of Rs 30,000)
  30. 15 Domains Registration free for 1 year (Worth of Rs 7,500)
  31. Shopping Cart Software free
  32. 25 Words Guaranteed Top Ranking on Search Engines for 1 year (Worth of Rs 2,50,000)
  33. 1 lakh Free Visitor for one year for single master domain (Worth of Rs 2,00,000)
  34. 50 Social Media Accounts one time
  35. 250 Articles Submission one time (Worth of Rs 25,000)
  36. Chat Software for your Website free
  37. Virtual Product Advisor for your website (Worth of Rs 50,000)
  38. 1000 Manual Search engine Submission for one domain for one Year (Worth of Rs 20,000)
  39. 25 Domains Registration free for 1 Year (Worth of Rs 12,500)
  40. 50% discount on VPS
  41. Content Writing for 5 page by our expert one time (Worth of Rs 10,000)
  42. Domain Security Seal for one Domain for one year (Worth for Rs 15,000)
  43. Goa vacation for 7 days 6 nights
  44. 1 Year country club Member ship free (Worth of Rs 25,000)
  45. Original Windows operating system Windows 8 Ultimate for your PC (Worth of Rs 12,000)
  46. Web Consultancy will help you to provide high end service to your customers through us anonymously.
  47. Evaluation solutions, this service is in high boom and plenty of schools and colleges are on the lookout of this service we will help you get there.
  48. Trading Platforms Development
  49. CMS blog forum Development
  50. Business Solutions, where we will empower you to provide solutions for any kind of businesses. It’s a service which more corporate and international companies are wanting to be outsourced
  51. Web Copy writing worth of Rs50000
  52. Trade Mark registration worth of Rs25000
  53. Online Video Development
  54. Shopping Cart Deployment
  55. Free SMS Getaway Integration
  56. Malware Monitoring software
  57. Market Research and Analysis, let your customer belong to any industry, any domain or any location you can still provide them with top quality market research analysis study to them through us.
  58. Online Reputation Management
  59. 100% Anti-Spam Service at 50% off
  60. Site Submission software
  61. Web Conferencing and Online Meeting
  62. VOIP service for your clients

If you have any questions related to the technicality of the product or need assistance with the product that you are interested in please fill the below form, our manager would revert to you and clarify your queries.