For an online business, it is imperative to have a good domain name and a good provider of web hosting, as this contributes greatly to the success or failure of its Internet business. Some Internet entrepreneurs think they only need to choose any name they fancy. However, make sure that the name defines your business too. Go for domain register and start making the best use of your own identity on the Internet.

Following are the steps for obtaining a domain name:

1. Registering a domain: One of the first things you need to do is get back to basics and be clear conceptually as to why domain registration is necessary so that you can register a unique name that it inimitable and clearly distinguishable from thousands of similar web sites that are present online.

2. Keeping an appropriate name: When you make an effort to go for domain registration, make sure that the name is catchy and unique. This is because all the clutter that exists online makes it difficult for people to distinguish between a good and a bad service provider and identify its location. It is important that your domain name is related to the product you are selling on the Internet. You need to find a best domain name if you want to target a specific audience, so that the user is aware of the products that you intend to sell. The domain name must be semantic, short, pronounceable and easy to hold in memory. It is also advisable that once you choose your domain name, you must take full account of the date of expiry in order to renew it on time and to prevent your competitor from buying it before you.

3. Checking the availability of the selected website name: It can be done with the help of a domain registrar in India. A domain registrar India is responsible for website registration, reporting and tracking of website names online.

4. Where to register a new domain: There are many web hosting services where you can go for domain register, and these are special servers that can very easily perform the task of domain register. There are a number of services that specialize in domain registration.

To won a shopping cart, you need to have an account number with the domain seller so that the users can buy your products. In case you do not want your domain ownership to be known, choose the privacy option.