1. Speed and Security

Similar to any other form of web hosting, your web site’s visitors will still be able to access the information on your server via a standard Internet browser, but the speed and security of your web site will be substantially improved. If you are operating a larger business or an e-commerce site then dedicated IP hosting is by far the best option for you. Having your own dedicated IP will allow you to you avoid pesky issues such as spam. Also, sharing an IP with other websites can possibly be dangerous because you could be sharing your IP with illegal websites. Having your own permanent IP address offers a sense of security as well as improved browsing speeds for the end-user.

2. Flexibility and Control

Using dedicated IP web hosting also allows you to have more flexibility when it comes to controlling and editing your web site. You will have access to your own private SSL certificate as well as an anonymous FTP client. Private SSL certificates ensure that your website remains fully secure, which will put your customers mind at ease if you are using your website for e-commerce.

3. Plenty of Options

Having a dedicated IP address for your web hosting offers a number of benefits, so of course the fees are going to be higher than those charged for dynamic IP hosting. However there so many hosting companies to choose from online, so it is not hard to find fairly priced dedicated IP hosting. You can even use your current hosting company, simply call them or email them and tell them that you would like a static or dedicated IP and they will help you make the switch to dedicated IP hosting. Having so many options is another reason why switching to dedicated IP web hosting is so appealing.