v-Dedicated Servers are ideal solutions for getting the Power of a Dedicated Server at a Fraction of the cost or very simply get Two v-Dedicated Servers for redundancy at the same cost of a single Dedicated Server. We guarantee 100% uptime on v-Dedicated Servers, hosted at our SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center.

These servers are ideal solutions for:

• Rich Web Site Hosting
• Ecommerce Hosting
• Streaming Video Hosting
• Microsoft Exchange Hosting
• Virtual Desktop
• Disaster Recovery Servers




Standard Package
Memory 1 Gig
Disk Space 20 Gigs
Bandwidth 650 Gigs

Professional Package
Memory 2 Gig
Disk Space 50 Gigs
Bandwidth 1500 Gigs

Corporate Package
Memory 3 Gig
Disk Space 100 Gigs
Bandwidth 2000 Gigs

Enterprise Package
Memory 4 Gig
Disk Space 200 Gigs
Bandwidth 3000 Gigs


Memory — $9.95/ month for 1 gig additional memory
Disk Space — $25 for 50 gigs additional, $39.95 for 100 gigs additional monthly
Operating System — Centos FREE, Windows Web Edition $12.5 month, Custom Operating System Windows or Unix/Linux