Cloud Hosting

Manashosting has released Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. It is a web hosting service which is offered from a network of servers that are connected to one another called as cloud computing. These servers are not generally in same data center, they are usually located in the data centers that are scattered all across the world. This makes the cloud hosting unique because of the resources available.

With a chance to have a number of resources, the user is easily able to grow their business without even incurring any additional overhead or inventory. Cloud hosting offers benefit to all like better security, flexibility, performance and consolidation. There is even the advantage of redundancy. With this a new generation of web hosting era has started which is unlike the old shared hosting concept.

Cloud Servers

Through our deep experience in cloud hosting, we are providing our Cloud Servers with Top-Of-The-Line Enterprise Level Hardware with the Option of High Availability. Our Partnerships with leading technology providers such as Dell, NetApp, Parallels, Cpanel, VMWare allows us to provide the best hardware and software at an extremely competitive prices.

What is High Availability?

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