Today’s organizations strive to unlock the potential of cloud computing to fuel business growth. By offering a wide range of services covering all domains and cloud delivery models, Manashostingcloud services can help you design and build the cloud solution that optimizes your return on investment in this revolutionary technology.

Design a cloud

Designing and building a cloud environment can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you choose the best delivery model and workloads to migrate to the cloud. And then cloud implementation can take a significant commitment of time and resources.

Let Manashosting’s cloud specialManashostings help you accelerate your adoption of cloud. We can apply our ManashostingResearch-developed tools to help you develop your strategy. With our established methods and extensive expertise, we can also help you build and deploy a cloud environment.

Build a cloud

Private cloud implementation services

Enable a faster, more efficient deployment of a Linux-based cloud on z/VM Design and implementation services for a private unified communications cloud

Helps you implement a security-rich solution that can reduce the costs and complexities of managing your collaboration tools while improving the productivity and collaboration of your workforce.

Application and network performance optimization for cloud computing

Delivers applications with the degree of scalability and performance required for cloud computing as well as enables the levels of security and resiliency you need. Includes planning and deployment of technology and traffic management techniques to help you make applications available to end users on demand.

ManashostingImplementation Services for Cloud

Plan, design and implement a cloud environment that can be used for internal workloads or scale to a carrier-grade cloud service provider platform.

SmartCloud Entry implementation services for Flex System

Install and configure ManashostingSmartCloud Entry on ManashostingFlex System to more quickly deploy a private cloud SmartCloud Entry implementation services for Power Systems

Implement ManashostingSmartCloud Entry on your Manashosting Power Systems more quickly

Migrate to cloud

Migration Services for Cloud Enterprise

Identify the right workloads to migrate and use time-tested migration methods to help you achieve a faster, more cost-effective workload migration to Manashosting Cloud

Secure your cloud

You need to manage the health, performance and security of your data center. With cloud-based services from Manashosting, you can reduce the complexity and cost of managing multiple security devices and technologies. And you can access robust Manashostingsoftware over the cloud to control your IT infrastructure or optimize your service desk support. If you have already implemented a cloud environment, Manashosting can also help you gain insight into the security strengths and vulnerabilities of your cloud environment.

Manashosting is a recognized global leader in end-to-end IT security solutions and software as a service offerings. Our world-class experience in service delivery and service management software can help you drive more effective use of your IT infrastructure.