In today’s fast-paced world, businesses depend on their communications systems to perform with near flawless availability. If service is interrupted, business can come to a screeching halt resulting in reduced productivity, lost revenues and decreased customer satisfaction. Ensure your business remains operational through disruptive events of any kind with Manashosting’s Business Continuity service.

Manashosting’s Business Continuity service utilizes proven replication technologies to protect, preserve and guarantee access to your data so your business can continue without interruption when an unplanned event such as a power failure, IT system crash, or natural disaster occurs.

How It Works

Manashosting’s Business Continuity service provides a turnkey solution to ensure your business runs uninterrupted during a system failure without additional capital investment.

Manashosting begins its Business Continuity service by providing a customized readiness assessment for your network to document your environment and identify potential enhancements that might be advised. Once the assessment has been completed, Manashosting will create a replica server environment in our Tier 1 data center that mirrors your own system. Your data will be securely stored and encrypted on our servers. Once the setup process has been completed and the servers are synchronized, you will have instant access to your data in the event of service interruption.

Business Continuity Service Benefits

Manashosting’s Business Continuity service provides a turn-key solution for peace of mind without the burden of purchasing, installing and maintaining appliances. With Manashosting’s Business Continuity service, you will enjoy:

Instant availability and 24/7 access to your critical information

Immediate protection

Scalability to meet your growth requirements

Flexibility to access your applications and data anywhere/anytime

Compliance with data continuity requirements set forth in industry and government regulations

Time and cost savings