For anyone, who wants to have his/her own website, availing the services of a web site hosting company is essential. A website hosting company is one that allows a website owner to host his site on its server. By hosting or storing the web pages of the website, the web hosting company allows it to be a part of the World Wide Web.

Web hosting companies offer two types of hosting services-Dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting. Dedicated web hosting is one where the site owner gets an independent server to host his site. It offers large website space, great bandwidth, and superior server uptime and support. Mostly large enterprises or those who need large web space, go for dedicated web hosting. Shared web hosting, on the other hand, is one where several site owners share a common server. Though cheap, it has some disadvantages like poor server support, slow uploading and downloading speed, lack of control and privacy. However, shared web hosting allows small scale business owners and new website’s an affordable option to host their sites.

To ensure that the website enjoys distinct identity and the website owner has complete control and autonomy over his site, the website hosting company gives the site a domain name. Web domain name can be anything depending on the nature and type of one’s business. For instance, if the website is offers products or provides professional services, the web domain name can be, and if it belongs to an educational institution or university, the domain name would be The web domain name allows the site owner to get website traffic as well. People are able to reach a particular site only when they type its URL.

There are thousands of web site hosting companies in India. When looking for one to host your website, make sure it is genuine and offers high quality web hosting services. It is advisable to choose the web hosting company India that offers unlimited website space, bandwidth, superior server uptime, server back up and support, and 24/7 technical assistance in case of server breakdown or failure at competitive rates.

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One such web hosting company India that offers all this and much more is Manashosting. It is a renowned web hosting company that caters to the web hosting needs of small and mid-sized business owners by offering cheap web hosting.

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