Over the past few years, several web hosting companies have mushroomed in India. In order to survive cut-throat competition and to attract customers, most web hosting companies in India have lowered down the cost of their services. If you want to ensure that you gain from this cheap bargain, do look for certain things when selecting the cheap web hosting company in India.

Uptime Server & server speed: When selecting the cheap web hosting company India,, make sure it promises uptime server and great server speed. Web users who visit your site must not find few or all of your web pages missing. If it happens, they would not take your online business seriously. Also, they should be able to download the web pages, images, or content quickly. Slow server speed might turn the web users away from your site.

Optimal website space: Do check the web site space offered by the cheap web hosting company. The website space should meet not only your current web hosting needs, but also future. You must be able to add content, images, web designing features, or advanced applications to your site as and when you want. The web hosting company should not impose any restrictions on the website space that you can use.

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Server back-up: Ask the cheap web hosting company in India if it offers server backup. Good website hosting companies offer server backup facility to ensure their clients don’t lose any important data or files during server break up.

Customer support system: Make sure that the cheap web hosting company in India has 24/7 customer support system. It should always be ready to help you during server break up or when you are facing any technical problem. Good web hosting companies always have a team of qualified and experienced technicians ready to assist their customers.

One web hosting company in India that offers uptime server, server backup, unlimited website space and bandwidth, 24/7 technical support, and lot more at cheap rates is Manashosting. It is a leading web hosting company in India that has been catering to the web hosting needs of small and medium scale businesses since many years.

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