If you own a small or mid-sized business and wish to develop an e-commerce website to expand your business, you may opt for shared web hosting. Shared web hosting would meet all your web hosting requirements without bursting your budget.

Shared web hosting in India was basically introduced for those website owners who could not afford to host their website on a dedicated server. By allowing such website owners to share the server resources and IP address with others, shared web hosting India offered them an affordable option of web hosting.

Although, cheap, the shared web hosting is capable to meet the hosting needs of the users. For instance, if you opt for shared web hosting in India, you would get adequate web space to host your new website, server uptime, server support and maintenance, good bandwidth speed, and lot more.

There are several web hosting companies in India that offer shared web hosting. But, before selecting any one, it is advisable to check for certain things like server uptime and speed, security issues, and web space. As there are various website’s running on a single server, you might face poor server speed or server breakdown quite often. So, ask the shared web hosting India Company if they offer quick server repair and management at such situations. If the web users find your web page missing or slow, they might get a bad image of your company.

Similarly, make sure that the website space provided by the shared web hosting company meets your web hosting needs. In future, if you wish to add more content to your website or images or want to use the latest web designing tools, you may opt for dedicated web hosting server. The dedicated web hosting would best meet your expansion needs and would offer you greater control and flexibility over your site.

One web hosting company that offers both, shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting, is Manashosting. A Bangalore based web hosting company, it offers web hosting services to small and large business owners.

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At Manashosting, you would enjoy optimal website space and bandwidth, superior server support and uptime, 24/7 technical support, and much more at highly attractive rates. As well as cheap shared web hosting, it also offers dedicated web hosting for Windows and Linux. You may also avail their web designing services to give your new website a professional look or to change your existing website design for a better online presence. To know more about shared web hosting in India, various web hosting packages offered by this web hosting company, and more, you may log on to manashosting.com