Manashosting has off late included SaaS into its variety of products and services. SaaS or Software as a Service is very useful with respect to cost factor and availability of the resources on demand. In other words SaaS is the upcoming generation for all software requirements.

The concept of providing software and centralization of an organization or a business with the combination of abundant bandwidth, powerful processors and storage has broadened the choice of designing, developing, deploying, and using the resources and software in devices like computers, servers, data centers and on the internet. Solutions for business can be delivered and consumed in all of these ways, either singly or in combination to provide the best user experience and the most business value.

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Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning delivering software over the Internet is increasingly popular for its ability to simplify deployment and reduce customer acquisition costs; it also allows developers to support many customers with a single version of a product. SaaS is also often associated with a “pay as you go” subscription licensing model.

The vast majority of SaaS solutions are based on a multi-tenant architecture. With this model, a single version of the application, with a single configuration (hardware, network, operating system), is used for all customers. To support scalability, the application is installed on multiple machines. This is contrasted with traditional software, where multiple physical copies of the software-each potentially of a different version, with a potentially different configuration, and oftentimes customized-are installed across the various customer sites.

In short, Software as a Service, SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications. Also, because the software is hosted remotely, users don’t need to invest in additional hardware. Software as a Service removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, set-up and often daily upkeep and maintenance. Software as a Service may also be referred to as simply hosted applications.